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  1. I hope I can bring hope to anyone who is feeling down. Just remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Wooooooooooow... Six months later and I feel completely different! I've been off of accutane for almost three months now and don't have a single active on my ENTIRE BODY! I'm so much different. I gained back my confidence, I'm starting to get more attention from guys, and I just feel like my old self again. Accutane was a miracle drug for me. I'm going to the gym now, I WEAR TANK-TOPS!!!!, I wear sleeveless dresses!!!, I can wash off my make-up in front of my friends without feeling embarrassed
  3. Raquelle

    Bio Oil

    Didn't work for me either. I applied it just like the directions told me to for 8 weeks and saw no improvement. All it is is a good moisturizer.
  4. Never had an IB either. I'm just finishing my 5 month course. I got lucky!
  5. This one time I remember looking at a magazine in class with these other girls while I was in the eighth grade and we turned to a page where there was an ad for a spray that helped acne in hard to reach places like your back. Well when I saw it I remember saying "ew that's disgusting. I can't believe ppl have that on their backs. I can't even look at this!" I think most of us laughed at it but one girl said "well some ppl can't help it'". Ironically enough chest and back acne is what I've been
  6. what if i have red marks all over my chest and back? won't tanning help that because the skin there isn't as sensitive as on your face?
  7. Just be patient. I only started seeing improvement into my third and fourth month.
  8. I'm just finishing my 5 months course of accutane and I'm really happy with the results. I had mild acne on my face, so that was never really the problem, but a year ago I started getting severe acne on my chest, back, and shoulders. Like you I tried everything and nothing worked until accutane. I'm just waiting for the red marks to fade and I'll be clear! So it's something you should definitely consider and find out if it's the right thing for you. Accutane does help unclog pores. Your skin g
  9. Maybe the reason we never see it is because people with acne don't go to the olympics. If they have acne they are most likely to be insecure about it like all of us here are on this site and don't want to be on tv where the whole world see's what they are most insecure about. Even if you were gifted at a particular sport (like swimming/diving) would you persue it if you had acne/body acne? ...maybe that's the reason we aren't out there swimming. We're all too insecure!
  10. thanks for replying!! Ya I was just wondering more about its' effects when taken orally so I wanted to see if it was really worth it....i'm scared of tooth decay.
  11. I love Rebecca! It's my favourite book!

  12. Just a simple question! Was wondering how many of you saw an imporvement in your red-marks. Thanks.
  13. I've been wondering the same thing! Anyone have any advice for us?
  14. lol yeah I live in Ontario Canada