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  1. Hi Lawliet, Thank you for this informative article on acne formation. The different levels of acne was a new piece of information for me and recognized that I'm with a level II acne. Since my childhood itself, I'm having a T-zone combination skin type and recently I noticed pustule formation and inflammation on my face. As per the recommendation of my skin specialist, currently I'm using Cetaphil face moisturizer for acne as a remedial measure. This Cetaphil face moisturizer for acne is now
  2. Hi, Since your skin texture is both oily as well as dry in some areas, you are experiencing skin health issues related with combination skin type. In such a situation it is always preferred to use a moisturizer for combination skin type. If different moisturizers are applied on both the dry and oily skin areas respectively, then chances of getting huge clogged pores formation is high. Due to the same reason my skin health specialist had prescribed the dermatologically formulated Cetaphil mo