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  1. Before I had subcision, when I pulled from two directions like that my scar totally disappeared like yours. During my subcision my doctor mentioned that my scar were very tough with a lot of tethering. So I think there are tethers in this case.
  2. I got Taylor Liberator Subcision from Dr. Khrom very recently, 8 days ago (last Friday). I have consulted with other doctors, but this is the first one I felt comfortable to start treatment with, so this was my first procedure. Since it is pretty recent I can't comment on results too much, only recovery like I said, but I will make my own post once I see what the permanent result is like. Of course right now all my scars disappear due to swelling. My scars are somewhat similiar to yours. I
  3. Hey Zest J, I recently had Taylor Liberator Subcision from Dr. Khrom. I have not had any other treatment from her though. If you have any questions about the recovery I can answer with my experience. I will say it is not as bad as I thought. She must have had a slower day with me because she spent some more time with me, it sucks she didn't have time for you.
  4. I am not super familiar with hybrid laser, so I can't say for sure, but it is common to combine energy based and chemical based treatments. However personally, I always refuse having multiple treatments on the same appointments, but only because I want to see which treatments are working and which are a waste, and I am not in a hurry. If cost is a concern, I would do TCA first since it will probably be cheaper. If you are more concerned with minimizing downtime, simultaneous treatmen
  5. I dont not think these scars are bad first of all. I would be happy if my skin suddenly looked like this. These are mild or maybe moderate depending on how zoomed in they are. But yea I think that is a good approach. Maybe even try TCA alone. You're probably going to need several treatments though. At first the TCA might make things worse by widening the scar. Eventually the idea is to wear down the edges so the scars are not as noticable. Another option you always have is to avoid treatme
  6. I definitely agree TCA or any chemical based treatment is gonna be a less intense treatment, but the original poster did mention not wanting a slow or incremental approach. I have seen many posts saying TCA initially makes things worse by widening the scar and only after multiple treatments are you gonna see a good result. Just depends on what a person wants to prioritize. And I'm not saying TCA is definitely not gonna work, just that, at least as far as I understand, TCA is best suited to
  7. Your face barely has any icepick or box scars, which is what TCA is best for. Your scars are rolling type scars without sharp or defined edges, at least that is what it looks like to my eyes. The only (others may disagree) treatment for this is subcision. From what you've said I would strongly recommend you try to find a doctor who will do Taylor Liberator Subcision. It is very aggressive, a sort of "nuclear option" like you mentioned. Since you have so many scars TL is ideal since all sca
  8. Okay, that's all fine, but the question, at least the way I interpreted it, was "has anyone seen results that, however long they took to achieve, lasted more than 6 months? Put another way: Has any user here experienced results that are still present more than 6 months after they initially appeared? I don't know that I have seen that (results lasting 6+ months) from any post on this forum or from any doctor. So I am curious whether there is anyone experiencing permanent results.
  9. So can anyone try to answer the original question please?
  10. I'd like this answered as well. We see plenty of results that look great 2 or 3 months after treatment, but is there anyone who has truly permanent results?
  11. Is the lighting similiar with these photos? Looks like maybe the lighting is just bad in the first pic. Good improvement either way, just curious.
  12. Is it true that "distensible" scars ( scars that improve or disappear by stretching them) are not treatable by subcision, and that only non-distensible scars can benefit from subcision? If the scars are distensible are they easier to treat?
  13. Yep. Actually I called her and she said she wouldn't do temples so I'm looking at going to NYC now unfortunately. Most of my scars are at my temples. I think since she is not a derm or a surgeon she doesn't do anything that has any risk.
  14. Thank you for your advice. So do you think I should demand a consultation or just ask the questions before the procedure like her office suggests?