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  1. I am on my "final" month of Accutane and i have been getting a few new pimples. I had a whitehead on my hairline; a variety of zits along my forehead that wouldn't go away - my doctor gave me some lipid steroid shots..or some kind of medicine, i am not sure what it was, and still that didn't work -- whatever it was, it was meant to decrease inflammation. i have a large pimple forming on my right side of my face...when i hold my cell phone it sort of hurt - so it is the painful kind, i also have
  2. BUMP!!!! Really looking for an answer to this question Thanks!
  3. i have two and a half embarrassing problems.... i should probably start off by saying i am a runner, so maybe that has something to do with it i am also mid-way through Month 4 of Isotretinoin... 1. i recently got a boil on the upper part of my thigh. i have NEVER had one before. my dermatologist said it's possible that chafing (from my running shorts) may have led to this, but she also came back with test results that she found staph aureous, which is pretty common Does the isotretinoin increa
  4. I was at my dermatologist and she gave me a steroid injection in my left hip to decrease inflammation of my facial breakouts. I am taking isotretinoid right now, and she gave me the shot during a recent visit. i did not catch what she said it was called, but does anybody know what this injection was? I do remember her saying it was a steroid. but i didn't catch the name. also, if you have had this shot, did it work? please describe your experience. Thanks!!
  5. what gives? i have fresh new white-heads and I am over a month in!! It seemed like it was getting better and everyone was commenting on the smoothness of my skin and now that i started my new prescription, I broke out this week!! how long until these initial, sporatic breakouts cease? who knows from experience? how far into it were you before the smooth ride to nice skin began? when did the bumpy road end?? (so to speak...) and i now have acne that is going down, underneath my chin (before t
  6. This is good to know. I was wondering about tanning today actually and I asked about it, before finding this. Good to hear your skin is improving. Do you have any pictures? before and after?! Thanks!!
  7. Since starting Sotret (isotretinoin) i have stopped going tanning. I am SO pale, and i really only look good with a tan. Without one i look pasty and washed out. is it absolutely a No-No to go tanning while on Sotret? What would the consequences be if I went? what if i put a towel over my face, and just tanned my body?! The medication warnings only say to REDUCE sun exposure and they do not say to avoid it all together. It says something like "reduce exposure to tanning beds" or something...
  8. Ok guys thanks for all your input. I have an update, i am almost done with week 4 now, and i woke up this morning with a few WHITE HEADS on my chin. also, here has been a painful "below the surface" pimple growing under my chin (is that a "cyst"?) that I have been watching grow this week and it is finally growing to fruition. I suppose there was nothing really i could do about that one, besides NOT touch underneath my chin. I have NEVER had a zit that low before. Is this normal for week 4
  9. i am midway through week 3 of Sotret and i think my acne is in the "get worse" phase. (though my mom, optimisitc woman, tells me every day "WOW, it looks better already!!" anyways...i am wondering for people who have taken isotretinoin did it get worse before better? and if so, how bad did it get? and for how long, before it started improving? ALso, if anybody knows...i am very curious about the REASON for why medications do this....this is not the first medicine i have taken where they told