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  1. Make sure that irritation is causing your acne. Wanttobefree...it may just get worse.
  2. Yes I do believe I noticed a difference, my skin was naturally moisturized but oily as hell....but I was buying glasses today looking in the mirror and I just had a bunch of stuff that was clogging up on my forehead (not my problem area) and I just looked like a grease ball. I don't know if maybe waterwater experienced a bit of a break out or not but I just kept breaking out.....maybe if I went longer say for a couple months washing not very often improvement could have been attained..I do not
  3. I took myself off this today as well after about 14 days.....I started breaking out again and getting black heads and inflamed zits all over again...I believe the washing my face twice a day isn't a problem with my acne...I hope this works out for some though...
  4. yeah it's kind of true...I just don't want some chick staring at red bumps when she is kissing me deeply on a bed instead of my perdy blude eyes
  5. and yeah I just went hard in the gym tonight...sweating like crazy...I feel like an idiot not washing my face tonight..lol fuk it....
  6. I'm with ipodaddict...I dunno if this is the right thing for me either......my skin was getting better.....it's about day nine for me and I'm getting a few zits on my forehead and cheeks again when they had been clear.....however I was using a harsh cleanser before this....waterwater do you think I should stick with it?.....i'm just not too sure at all...haha i need a confidence boost....
  7. Waterwater...haha my face feels disgusting right now. Have you read a thread that was from a few years back by alexalmighty......it was very similar to this except he would only go two days or so then wash his face....after four months he swore he was clear.....he said at the beginning he had cysts and whatever.
  8. Starting this my acne wasn't very bad at all to tell you the truth. A couple months ago I was about moderate with acne badly covering both my cheeks and then I discovered my problem was insulin related so I've been taking DIM and chromium picolinate. Those supplements got me down to a few spots and jawline acne and red marks. I'm mainly doing this because washing my face with a harsh cleanser hasn't felt healthy and the spots that I do have haven't been going away. So I'm trying this out. So
  9. that sux.....beer is one of the wonders of the world you know
  10. Hmmmm..you know to tell you the truth I never noticed a difference in which alcohols were the most damaging...in my highschool days I'd guzzle a mickey of vodka...crank down some malibu rum....shoot back some jager bombs....and poor beer down my throat. IMO just drink what you prefer...it's all pretty well bad anyway...actually I don't think I've ever really broken out from drinking..hmmmmm. Vodka is absolutely dead to me now though...I practically throw up when I smell it.
  11. Man I can understand...I started this year in college with my gf...long distance..she was at another college...and when I'd go to visit I'd feel like complete shit cause my face was nasty and I couldn't be the same confident cocky guy with her and her new friends. So what happened you ask? She cheated on me, told me she didn't want to do this anymore and that was that. Lol fuck. Stick in there buddy...
  12. lol those were just examples...haha....jesus.....so do you hide away or do you proclaim the religion of acne.org to the world ???