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  1. guys, where can i buy glycolic acid 30%, the ones used in derm clinics for peeling, it is very effective for me and lots of my friends, but we are looking for someone like a store or supplier where we can buy that, because it is so expensive when getting it done in derm clinics, around 1K-2K, when you can actually buy it a lot cheaper, please help me, i live in makati, metro manila. Thanks guys = Inday
  2. hi everyone! just would like to know, based on your own experience, what are the causes of chin acne? (for example, toothpaste, smoking, hormones, shampoo) and what do you think would be appropriate treatment for the cause? love y'all!
  3. i was also wondering about it??? anyone???
  4. hi everyone, i'm just wondering, i'm currently using retin-a cream right now, is there a big difference between retin-a cream vs. retin-a micro hi everyone, i'm just wondering, i'm currently using retin-a cream right now, is there a big difference between retin-a cream vs. retin-a micro
  5. wow i am also doing the bha/aha + wait 30 mins then retin-a regimen, but only for a few weeks. and aside from that i am also thinking of the 10mg/day of accutane, wow! we are twins. . anyway, good luck on your journey to clear skin! i will be visiting your log every now and then before i start the low dose accutane myself, just to make sure i'll be okay. LOL thanks!
  6. hahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahha where can i read this kind of threads anyway, i love love love a good laugh!
  7. im wondering since there are so many things that have been found to stimulate the sebacous glands, that acne during the teen years was due to hormones exclusively, just giving you a hint of your predisposition to the disease, of course this is all hypothetical and its hard to explain this stuff to any degree. i tried to remember what was hapening as i first noticed any acne at all, puberty was a storng correlation seeing small signs at 13/14 but wouldnt get real bad until 17/18 this was the time
  8. i think sa mercury (o watson sa SM) meron akong nakitang noon. para san b ung differin? anung regimen mo? taga san k?
  9. hi again, thanks for the PM. anyway, i have a fw questions since you have already been on accutane twice already. what are the tests needed to make sure you are okay to take accutane, before and after to monitor any side effects. my derm told me that since i am dude, she said that i dont really need any tests and it is only for the women. i DOUBT that. can you give me some advice bout this? thanks!
  10. Hi, I am actually thinking of this also. 10mg every otherday. Can you share your experiences about this or do you have a blog? Can you give me some heads-up with the side effects or the warning signs when to be alarmed etc...? I am really desperate right now, I am a tight spender and I am saving for my masteral so that's why I can only buy things that I am sure will work....... anyways, thanks in advance. Dung
  11. hi, i like the idea of a low dosage accutane. I am also thinking of this. But mine will be 10mg everyother day just like lionqueen coz i am really afraid of the side effects. anyways, one question, have you experienced any side effects? keep it up. thank!
  12. Has anyone tried the low dosage accutane that Lion Queen is on? Please give me some details or link/log where I can read about this. please please please... thanks!