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  1. i was wondering what shade you use for colorstay. i got fresh beige in the beginning and it was way too dark and pink and i just exchanged with sand beige. i'm also asian with light/medium skin. thanks! =)
  2. thanks! i think i'll give it a real shot...i got another shade today and it looks much better.
  3. i've used jergen's natural glow for my body and i like the natural tan it gives me. i haven't tried the tanner for the face so sorry it doesn't really answer your question. but the color is nice and natural and if you don't over use it it will not turn orange/fake looking.
  4. i don't think it matters. my bf is about the same height as me (5'5) and at first i found it slightly weird trying not to wear heels cause then i would be towering over him. but now i don't mind at all - it's the relationship that matters in the long run.
  5. oh interesting...that's certainly good to know =) i'll give that a shot. thanks!
  6. im actually using the light active stuff thats sweat proof. i need something thats sweat proof for running and what not in public. i may go up a tint in color because it doesnt seem to match or maybe im not seeing it.
  7. mm i'm actually wondering the exact same question. but so far it's been good. i don't use step 1 or 2 - just step 3, the BP lotion. that's it. the cleanser is a dud - doesn't clean whatsoever and probably too irritating to your skin. the toner is also optional. i think if u use dan's BP or proactive BP both should be fine since both have 2.5% BP as the active ingredient. it's being gentle while cleaning and a good moisturizer that matters.
  8. hey guys, i just read some reviews on acne.org on proactive's products. and it seems that for lots of people as soon as you stop you break out horribly...I think this is what happened to me. Did you ever use proactive and did you break out after you stopped using it? And for those who use Dan's/Acne.org's BP, is it better? Maybe I should switch...
  9. good point there hehe. i was actually checking some swaps out. but i don't really have anything that people have on their wishlist...
  10. i just bought one a couple of days ago. Used it yesterday, loved how it stayed on alll day, and skin is okay today. Wondering if it will break me out because i've had problems with foundations before. if you've used it for more than 2 weeks, has it broken you out at all?? should i continue to use it? i just feel like if it stays on your face so well, it might have some un-healthy ingredients...
  11. sometimes when i do that i don't breakout AT ALL. but there was that one time a few weeks ago when i broke out HORRIBLE...possibily due to that one day when i slept in my foundation, but also could be hormones.. i'm not sure even. but its just not a good idea to sleep in makeup.
  12. yep JUST discovered MUA and my boyfriend finds it funny to see me on it for 2 hours at a time, lol. i wish i had know about this website before buying all the products that are now collecting dust in my room... =)
  13. i actually just started using colorstay with softflex for normal/dry skin and it has been pretty easy to take off. i use purpose gentle cleanser, although it probably doesn't really take off every thing - if i feel there's still some makeup left, i use neutrogena cream acne wash which strips everything, or lush coal-face facial bar which also leaves your face squeaky clean...anyways it's getting too complicated lol, if it still doesn't come off try using cold cream or some other mineral oil base