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  1. no difference i was for awhile on no dairy diet it made no difference whatsoever..now i eat whatever tf i want and have less acne than when i was on different special diets
  2. how do you know is it candida or hormones or more or somekinda mites? does derm tests that? how do derm knows about hormones or candida? how to specially test for inside caused acne?
  3. its everywhere around my um...pp and all swimingsuit panties area..wtf is this shit and what causes it? i have all the other acne too like on face and everywhere on body, its scattered wherever (not too much) but the most is on underpants area. i even had pimple on the eye but what about the underpant acne??? and ofc how tf to cure it?
  4. hey are u sure its testosterone that causing acne? how to know that?
  5. whats the point to remove redness a bit? does it fully remove them or nah???
  6. i dont think its coz u pinched i think thats just what happens from cysts at all
  7. i eat very little bread and do u think few slices of cheese like occasionally or rare even would cause pimples all over the place? also almost no sugar, only 1 till few spoons of honey sometimes i have pimples everywhere and plain crap skin on face that just doesnt heal also why normal ppl eat everything and get nothing nowhere?
  8. nothing regenerates skin how to quality regenerate skin? just noway and it only gona get worse. ewww it will even age. you are ugly forever thanks for ruining only youth acne and stagnant body system but why does it take literaly million years to regenerate anything on face?? pores, acne, redmarks. they never go away just...never. i dont understand it i have perfect and baby smooth, fresh and perfect colored skin on my hands like dream skin but absolute garbage on my pre