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  1. @Looop887 what tests did the doctor do to find out about DLE? Did you go to the complex medial dermatologist? One thing I read is that the disease DLE is that sun can make it worse. I’d love to know your experience with it and how your doctors visit went. For my case I think my Microbiome got messed up. I have eczema and was using oils to try and help it not knowing that I was feeding the yeast. I think for me the white plugs are keratin but the underlying cause for some people
  2. I’ve had this for years and I think I just found the solution! Urea cream at higher percentages is a keratolytic and dissolves and unhooks those white plugs (keratin) from your face or body. It’s like magic and you will see improvement the same day. Be careful if you use higher amounts on the face and watch out for irritation and DO NOT use if you have rosacea. If the keratin plugs itch you could have an infection also and use anti fungal cream along with the higher urea cream to combat the