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  1. I rinse it off once every two to three days with water . My face isn't near as red or irritated looking as when i used to wash it twice a day with cleansers.
  2. Well I woke up around 12:30 Drand NO-explode and worked out for almost two hours Ate two "Five dollar footlongs" one chicken breast and one turkey breast plus my accutane Next ate a peanut butter sandwhich, turkey sandwhich, and a banana Granola bar Then some chunky sirloin and an apple Then two more peanut butter sandwhiches and another banana Then another turkey sandwhich and a bowl of serial(honey nut cherios) Now when i get off the computer im gonna go get arby's 5 for 5
  3. I eat like six to seven times a day. an each time i eat, i eat till i feal like im gonna throw up but its all healthy food. and i also work out everyday
  4. Physicians can prescribe you accutane. That's where I got it from.
  5. I honestly think i know more about this drug than he does. If it wasn't for this site i would definitely be in for a surprise of all the side effects and stuff.
  6. I went to my appointment today and asked for accutane and he ok'd it. So we went back to his office and logged on to the ipledge thing and did all that crap and i asked about the blood test and he said i don't have to get one....not even throughout my whole course. I thought this to be kinda wierd but i was glad cuz i hate needles. He said that when you get a blood test and if the results come back bad or something like that that theirs nothing you can do about it, so he said there's no use in t
  7. What if i jus used it like three or four times a week? Ive used this crap for like three months and my face didn't peel one time and it was barely red for like the first two or three days.
  8. Well I decided i am gonna ask for accutane. I was wondering, if I had by blood drawn in november of last year can they just use those results to see if i'm ok to use accutane? And also, i'm using retin-a micro right now but am i going go be able to keep using this during my accutane course or not?