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  1. Just take vitamin a. Vitamin a cures acne. You mean like take a Vitamin A supplement? I was using Retin-A for a while (which, as I understand it, is topical Vitamin A) and it wasn't doing much for me other than causing irritation. Retin-A is a topical. Topicals do sh!t for acne. I would recommend you ask to go on Accutane and if the derm won't let you, tell them you are just going to take a high dose on Synthetic Vitamin A. It has to be synthetic and not beta carotene though. I was on Accuta
  2. I am currently experimenting with a lot of AHA products (because BP always seems to aggravate my skin) and I have had mixed results. However one product I am trying right now has been really amazing.. I am using the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion spf 15, which is very similar to Dan's AHA+ (so I hear. And I just ordered some of Dan's to use on my back) It is the ONLY stuff I have found to clear my acne, whiteheads, and redness super fast. It has been working so good that I am skeptical... beca
  3. Sooo, after my 3rd Day of trying this (I only use it in the morning) I almost immediately got 3 deep zits on my chin... I almost never ever get acne like that. I am a bit worried it could be the new cleanser.
  4. Unfortunately I couldn't find reviews on acne.org regarding this product. I have read a lot of great things about it (and Glycolic Acid in general) so I decided to buy it to alternate with my gentle cleanser (I use the Glycolic Acid once a day, at night) Anyone have experience with this product or equally low dose glycolic acid? I have mild to moderate acne. Mostly many small (non-inflamed) bumps on my skin that turn into small white heads or a zit a few times a week. So (comparative to wh
  5. Odd, was about to ask the same thing. Yesterday I just switched over from Cetephil Facial wash to Liquid Neutrogena. I honestly couldn't find many bad reviews on the stuff, so I am hoping it works. I have super sensitive skin and wanted something without SLS (which Cetephil has). Note, though, that the first time I used it yesterday I did get two-three small rashes on my face that lasted about an hour.
  6. Anyone ever get a pimple inside your nose? Ouch, they hurt so much, I have one that is in the middle skin/cartilage area and it is really deep and won't form a bump or anything, so painful, I hope it doesn't get bigger. Anyone have any advice? I am trying to dry it out with BP and some Clearasil spot treatment.
  7. For some reason short 20-30 minute naps help my skin drastically, especially if my skin is being a bit dry too, I think it has something to do with blood flow and oil production, not exactly sure, just a guess.
  8. just worried it wont let the BP do its work... Does anyone know if Pond's is any good?
  9. Biddhism isn't really a relgiion. particularly theravada which is a lot more intellectualized than other branches
  10. thanks for the responses so, should I just apply the mosturizer after the BP drys?
  11. Anyone else experience this? I read about spot treatment BP on this site so I started trying it, my AcneFree kit's first step has 2.5% BP, so I started putting a layer on affected areas at night. It's amazing how well it's been working within only a week's time. But it burns very badly, feels worse than a sunburn. Any suggestion? Lighter layer maybe? Smaller doses? Mosturizer? (but mosturizer clogs pores, no?)
  12. This may seem rather rediculous, but I'm becoming more and more intruged by Theravada Buddhism practices and ideologies. Part of me thinks this could really help me in life, help me settle some mental obstacles. But Part of me swore to never become part of a religion...
  13. Well I started lifting dumbells again, and punching my punching bag. I also found my padded, safe nun-chucks, those are great to practice with.