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  1. Thanks. The sebaceous glands in the T zone are more developed, and this area produces more oil. If there are only a few pustules, use topical antibiotics. Cetaphil PRO moisturizing contains Ceramide NP, the effect of this lotion is repairing and moisturizing. You can get rid of acne due to your skin's immune function. Cetaphil's role is to moisturize the skin and when the acne disappears, repair the damaged barrier and restore healthy skin. You have been suff
  2. This is pustule. You have a lot of acne on your face and you need to see a dermatologist for help. Antibiotics can be applied to treat pustules. But antibiotics are prescription drugs, and you need to get a prescription from a doctor.
  3. Hey guys, I just published this post about Get Rid Of Acne, but wanted to share a short and sweet version here. Acne affects over 80% of teenagers and persists beyond the age of 25 years in 3% of men and 12% of women. What Causes Acne? The area from the sebaceous glands to the pores is called the funnel of the hair follicle. The cells in the funnel of the hair follicle will also undergo a process of transforming from basal cells to keratinocytes and then gradually falling off.
  4. This is a relatively mild cyst. This is already severe acne. It is useless to consult online how to remove cysts. Please go to a dermatologist as soon as possible to prevent the cyst from getting worse.
  5. Stress stimulates the production of sebum, and too much sebum can induce acne. You should be in adolescence. Hormonal changes during adolescence are severe and you are particularly prone to acne.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about that. You suffer from PIH/PIE, textured acne scarring, and active breakouts. I still have a lot of deep ice picks, box scars, rolling scars, recent scarring, hyperpigmentation, and dark and red spots. You have too many skin problems. The products you listed cannot change the condition of your skin at all, you need to seek medical beauty help. Such as fractional laser, photorejuvenation, microneedle, radio frequency, etc. Medical cosmetology can solve skin probl
  7. Retinol does not invalidate retinoic acid. In fact, after retinol is absorbed by the skin, it will be converted into retinoic acid in the skin to play a role. After your skin care products are superimposed with retinoic acid, the concentration of retinoic acid in your skin is too high, which will have a strong stimulating effect on your skin.
  8. If you are sure that finasteride is the cause of your acne. You should stop using finasteride and observe whether you will develop acne. If you continue to break out of acne, you can use acne treatment drugs. Otherwise, using multiple drugs together will have unexpected bad effects.
  9. Oral antibiotics are not suitable for taking too long. It is time to stop using it for three months. Propionibacterium acnes is resistant to antibiotics. If antibiotics are taken for too long, their ability to kill bacteria will be weakened. And if you use antibiotics for too long, the beneficial bacteria in your body will also be killed, which will destroy the intestinal tract and the number of skin flora and cause more serious problems. If your acne has not disappeared after three mo
  10. Cystic acne is very serious acne. It has damaged the tissues of the dermis and it will leave acne scars after it disappears.
  11. Accutane can inhibit sebum secretion by sebaceous glands and prevent hyperkeratosis at the opening of hair follicle. It is precisely because of its powerful effects that its side effects are also very strong. Please do not use accutane if it is not severe acne, it will make you vomit, pain, osteoporosis, miscarriage, and fetal malformations.
  12. It is correct to wash your face with a mild cleanser. Cleansers with the wrong cleaning ability will only damage your skin. As long as the cleanser washes away the grease and dirt on your face, your face will not feel tight after washing.
  13. You have nodules, cysts, rosacea, and sensitive skin. This is not something that Adapalene can treat. Differin can only treat whiteheads and pimples and prevent hyperkeratosis at the opening of the hair follicle. Your skin should be in a state of acne for a long time. The first thing you should do is to seek the help of a dermatologist and take oral prescription medication under the guidance of a doctor. Such as oral antibiotics and Accutane. It is best not to use skin care products th
  14. Adapalene is suitable for treating mild acne, such as whiteheads and pimples. Adapalene is not suitable for treating severe acne, such as cysts. For cystic acne, you should seek help from a dermatologist. You should take prescription medications such as minocycline and isotretinoin under the guidance of your doctor.
  15. After exfoliating the keratin, you will see red spots hidden under the skin. This is not caused by this product, but the inflammation on the bottom of your skin has not been eliminated. It may be that the inflammation on your skin started with acne. Even if the acne disappears, the slight inflammation has not yet been eliminated. It is not easy to eliminate inflammation. You can use anti-inflammatory skin care products for daily skin care, or you can go to the hospital for laser.