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  1. ive heard of people having chemical peels done under their eyes before to get rid of black bags, and chemical peels also help reduce uneven texture/roughness, so you could maybe have some of them done under your eyes but i would strongly reccomend that you would not do a home peel under your eyes, this would probably be under $200 and i think that any laser treatments under the eyes would be too harsh
  2. im too inconsistant, it really depends on if its the holidays or if i have got school the next day holidays and weekends (although very inconsistant lol) - 2pm to 2am School next day - 7am - 12pm and if you havnt guessed yet im a teenager lol Also i find that when i do breakout its generally on weekends when there is a longer period of time between when i wash my face and apply products as apposed to during the week where i will perhaps not get much sleep.
  3. this is not a purge and your skin is having a bad reaction to this product, irritation like this can cause more acne and i would reccomend you do not use it as much at the start so your skin can slowly get used to it, or you should try using a different product
  4. flaky skin and chapped lips - about 2 weeks Red skin (only on cheekbones and nose) - 3 to 4 months
  5. antibiotics loose their effectiveness after a few months as the p.acnes become resistant to it, you should switch to a different one Also why is accutane not an option?
  6. there is a high risk of further scarring if you look into any procedures before the sixth month mark is up, and yeh i agree with the other guy you may want to look into a long term retionoid usage as soon as you come after accutane, something like retin a or differin, these take about 4-5 months to notice a difference but they usually work
  7. not a fantastic description but sounds like you have hyperpigmentation, it fades with time but chemical peels can accelerate the process
  8. they are not only bigger if you squeeze them as apposed to letting them fade away naturally but they stay there for a longer time as well.
  9. Possibly, however perhaps the higher percentage relates to its acne fighting strength rather than it's red mark fading abilities.
  10. they will grdually fade as you have more and more microdermabrasions, its impossible to tell the exact number that you will need but for red marks i am guessing 4-5, and yes essentially they just peel the skin off.
  11. the 5% one i have used bleaches everything, i live in the UK too but it has nothing to do with sweating from my experience, it bleached clothes, towels, bed covers everything
  12. It really depends, some places will do only specific areas for a lower price but others will only do the full face you will just have to ask, although i would say that if its being done by a dermatologist they are more likely to treat only a certain area, the only time really that only full face procedures would be done is in clinics etc