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  1. Dan -- congrats on making it this far... I can see the whites of your nails at least. Even if you've had a few missteps, it's like w/any issue, admitting you have a problem is the first step! Ha, I have honestly never read a self-help book, but do believe this to be true. As to your point about anxiety... I realized after thinking about this over the past several days that what causes me to bite my nails/pick at my skin is always anxiety/stress or worry. I suspect that is true of most people.
  2. Hello there Dan and other folks, First of all Dan, THANKS for your awesome site. I think it allows many of us struggling w/skin issues and other idiosyncrasies (e.g. nail biting & skin picking!) a place to feel a sense of community and get solutions to our problems which is wonderful... in addition to the products you sell and recommend (some of which I use). As far as the nail biting and skin picking, I like the person's idea above, but am not sure that sitting on my hands will always wor
  3. Hi Teresa, The same thing happened to me when I went of b.c. pills (Ortho Tri-Cyclen). The breakout/freakout period lasted several months, but if I had known some of the supplement/diet info. I have learned since, I probably would have been spared some of the agony. If you read my signature, everything in it helped. Top things for me have been eating organic and non-processed foods, avoiding sugar, and taking fish oil & primrose oil for more hormonal balance. Hope this helps & good l
  4. Molly, when I cut out as much sugar as possible, especially processed sugars like this, it made a HUGE difference for me. Even if I slip and get a soy latte at Starbucks or something w/ just one pump of syrup, I almost always breakout soon after. Be good to your skin and body and try to avoid sugar & processed food/drinks as much as possible. Try using Agave syrup as a sweetener in food and drinks. I love it. Stevia has a funny aftertaste and is overwhelmingly sweet in cooking, etc...
  5. Hey, I used to use Aloe Vera gel on my face (Fruit of the Earth) mixed with Jojoba. I stopped w/the aloe gel because it would sting my eyes a bit. Even though it said "100% aloe" there were a couple other preservatives in it. As far as the aloe oil, they must add fragrance. I've used aloe - straight from the plant leaf - and it doesn't have a perfume-y smell. You have to look at all products' ingredients b/c even though they may say "all natural," etc., they often are not. If they don't li
  6. Of those two products, I would say Cetaphil. But I moved from that to Basis for sensitive skin (look at the product reviews off the home page). I bought Basis by the bushel! I have now "graduated" from Basis to Jojoba Oil. Since using the jojoba, I went from 98% clear to 100%. The large bottle Dan started selling here is AWESOME. Trust me, it is worth its weight in gold. In addition to not making my skin feel tight, dry, or irritated, it evens out my skin tone and is said to have "anti
  7. My personal opinion is that NO, you can't get clear in 3 days. You can begin to get clear in 3 days. Again, my opinion, but there is no cure all product that will rid you of acne forever. Here are my 'tips' for having clearer skin: - Use jojoba oil - Take fish oil - Get plenty of sleep - Drink plenty of water or non-caffeinated tea (i.e. I prefer Rooibus) I've been clear since Sept. doing just what is in my signature. I have tried numerous OTC products and ones prescribed by derma
  8. I said "try" because -for me- it is really hard to cut it out entirely. It is naturally occuring in a lot of foods, as deadonfive mentioned. I don't personally think fruit is bad for you. REFINED sugar is the worst for you. I use more natural sweeteners in cooking, etc.: e.g. agave syrup. It is sweeter than sugar and has a lower glycemic index. But ultimately, yes, if you could cut out sugar entirely, that would be best. It is one of the worst things for your skin and health (in my op
  9. Jojoba oil has done wonders for the redness of my skin. I just do what is in my signature and don't worry about any acne or redness anymore!
  10. I only use Jojoba and the stuff mentioned in my signature. All natural. Hope this helps.
  11. I tried Dr. Bronner's before on my face. It didn't work for me, although I like the soap for my hands/body. Have you tried jojoba oil? I would stay away from Mary Kay -- too many chemicals, but that's me. If you want a face soap, I used to use Basis for Sensitive Skin. I've found little bit of jojoba and the once a week exfoliation with baking soda to be the best for me.
  12. Ive never said not to try this.. I'm trying it right now myself.. experimenting with what does and doesnt work for me... I've said, EVERYONE is different.. and you need to do what you think would work for YOU. Anyways... Reporting the end of my second week... I'll admit, I havent stuck to this regimen. I've been working more towards the tanning sessions to see how this affects my acne and right now i'm experimenting more with internal/dietary courses of action because as many other girls have
  13. "deadonfive" gave a good answer. I agree with that post. I personally believe that the absolute worst things you can eat, especially if you have acne prone skin are sugars, processed foods, trans fats, and dairy (esp. non-organic milk, etc.) I noticed a huge improvement in my skin when I cut out a lot of sugar. If you look at my signature, I've gotten my skin almost entirely clear with diet, supplements (esp. fish oil), and not using as many products on my skin (esp. less makeup and harsh
  14. I don't think it matters what form you take it in, but I buy the capsules because they seem to be easiest for me to take/handle the taste of. You want to buy a good quality brand that has good processing and filters out impurities and potential chemicals/toxins that might be in the fish. The Carlson brand with orange oil is my favorite. It masks any fishy-ness.