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  1. I've been doing this for a while as well. Only about 16 ounces though, mixed with lemon juice to alkalize first thing in the morning.
  2. I was taking opti-zinc for quite some time before trying zinc gluconate and it has def made quite a difference. Trial and error, everyone's different. I take 50mg zinc gluconate 1 to 2 hours after eating dinner, before bed. I've never felt nauseous on any type of zinc so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.
  3. Hey Paul, just wondering how the Nettle tea is working out for you so far. How long have you been drinking it and how many times a day? Seen any results pos/neg? I know people who take nettle in pill form for working out as it naturally raises testosterone. Thinking about doing the same but worried about it raising estrogen levels as well. BTW judging by your pics your skin doesn't look that bad IMO.
  4. Great post Auto! and I agree that borage oil doesn't seem to get discussed on these boards very often. I always refrigerate after opening a new bottle to prevent it from going rancid. As you mentioned, I've read that evening primrose and black current oils are good as well be neither come close to the amount of GLA borage oil contains. I started taking borage oil about 1 year ago, and it has made all the difference in the world. Probably the single most effective supplement I take.
  5. Paul there was a thread on here the other day discussing Grandpas Thrylox Sulfur Soap (?) I've never tried it, but seems to get a lot of good reviews.
  6. I didn't receive any IB when I started taking it. Helps alkalize your system.
  7. How's the nettle working for our two guinea pigs?
  8. I used to work at McD's as a teenager. The beef is actually meat, grilled on site. However, after the meat is cooked it is placed in a "staging cabinet" to keep it moist and fresh until someone orders a burger. However, every so often we had to open up a packet of this green powder and pour it into the top of the cabinet to preserve the meat. You are not supposed to smell, taste, or touch this chemical powder because it can be toxic. This is probably the reason why they don't get mold for y
  9. Nettle may lead to gyne? Interesting find as I was wondering about this the other day. Anything that massively increases your testosterone like that has to have some other effects other than supposedly clearing your skin. I suffered from gyne for a couple years after college until I saved up enough money to get surgery to remove it. It was an absolute nightmare. I was never fat either, just developed man-boobs. Horrible acne + gyne = massive depression. Even if Nettle increases your chanc
  10. Nice post Auto! I remember reading about stinging Nettle in one of the links you provided above. I'd like to try this as it not only may help with complexion, but can also be used as a supplement with a weightlifting program. It seems some take it in pill form, while a majority drink it as tea. Ideally, one would probably want the fresh leaves. But I'll settle for second best. What do you think, pills or tea?
  11. I found a great bread at Whole Foods: Organic Whole Grain Oat Bread from Vermont Bread Co. Doesn't advertise the fact that it's "Gluten Free", but gluten is also not listed anywhere in the ingredients.
  12. I noticed that your prom is next week... I'd probably hold off on breaking up with her until after you take her to the prom if that's still an option. Have a great time but as soon as the prom is over, I'd break up with her ungratefull ass BUT tell her WHY. Then let her find her own ride home. Maybe this isn't the best advice and I'm not entirely suggesting that's what you should do. It's merely what I would do.
  13. Fish oil. Hands down. Flax breaks me out every time - nasty inflamed spots along my jawline.
  14. Agree 100% with everything posted here. ALSO look out for any toothpaste that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any of it's nasty sound-alike comrades. SLS is a skin irritant that is in almost every soap, shampoo, and yes toothpaste out there. I get the same reaction around the mouth as stated above everytime I brush with a toothpaste with SLS. Damn foam
  15. It's been a few days and no change really. This is extremely frustrating to me because I am CLEAR otherwise. I fought so long and hard to get clear skin, and now I get these annoying bumpy bastards on my forehead (where I've never had skin problems!) I think the extremely humid summer weather might have something to do with it because that's when I started noticing them. I'll stick with it for now but am certainly open to other ideas.
  16. Yes I occasionaly use this at night and helps my skin a ton! The key is to NOT apply tons of pressure or scrub your skin really hard. That's what iritates the skin. Gently massage it over your face for about 30 secs or more and rinse off. Some use it as a mask too. I've read applying apple cider vinegar as a toner AFTER using baking soda to restore the skins PH, but never tried it. I seem to recall certain science fair projects from elementry school involving baking soda and vinegar
  17. I does sound a bit like you're stressed out and I can relate having gone through the whole "graduating college now I need a job and attend all my friends weddings for the next 5 years" Take a deep breath and stay positive. Everything will work out for you! Sounds like you already have a great job lined up in NYC, which is more than most grads have after they receive their diploma. Moving sucks and can be stressfull, but turn that anxiety into excitement: An exciting new chapter in your lif
  18. Can you tell us what brand of colon cleanse you were using? Doing it everyday for short period (30-60 days) and staying consitent it key as far as I know. I was using the Ultimate Colon Cleanse for 60 days straight with great results. Thinking about doing it again for 30 days at the end of the year to keep things running smoothly (literally).
  19. Well swung by my trusty Vitamin Shoppe and picked up a vial of Oil of Oregano (North American Herb Spice brand). I guess I forgot how $ this stuff is Just applied it to my annoying bumps on my forehead tonight and will keep my fingers crossed. No burning, but I do hope they fade away as quickly as they did for you albertime. Otherwise I'm clear.
  20. Hmmm. Did he give a reason as to why he thinks once a month is bad?
  21. Exactly. Which came first? Video games actually HELP with my acne. Playing Guitar Hero for an hour after a long stressfull day at work helps me escape for a bit while putting a smile on my face. What's wrong with that? As far as "stressfull" games being a cause of acne, what about watching movies? Wouldn't that have the same supposed effect if you're watching a thriller, drama, or well, anything other than a comedy for 2-3 hours? As another poster had mentioned, I believe it's mo
  22. I agree with your naturopath and had the same reaction as I was reading that thread. I'm sure enemas can be benefiitial, but doing several everyday sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Exercise is good for you too. but working out 12 hours everyday isn't.
  23. Great post! I've never even thought about applying Oil of Oregano topically. I have a constant few of those awful stubborn bumps on my forehead that sometimes come to a head. I would like to eliminate those and this seems intriguing. They have the brand you use at Vitamin Shoppe and will be swinging by there tomorrow How much do you apply? A couple drops?
  24. Very nice. Thanks for posting this! I wonder if others would have an adverse acne reaction to this as it raises testosterone.
  25. I'll agree with the dairy, sugar, and especially oil! Any trans fat (hydrogenated vegetable oil) or fried food and I'm a disaster. Shouldn't be eating that crap anyways so I guess it's a good thing