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  1. hey, recently my acne has cleared up a fair bit thanks to microdermabrasion. Ive got my products sorted and my only concern, except the occasional breakout, is milia and a few blackheads. Ive been recommended to use Avene Diacneal once, twice a week to keep milia at bay. However now im thinking of getting a moisturiser that can build up a bit of a tan, since ive kept out of the sun all summer. I know that i should be happy with how i am since its a radical difference from before, but i cant he
  2. Should cleansers contain any sort of medication? or should they be as simple as possible?
  3. I wouldnt worry, its very normal for this to happen. Although it can be fustrating, be patient and keep yourself busy for a couple of weeks and the purging will be gone. Purging is basicly bringing out all the gunk that would have come out at some point, but doing it within a few weeks.
  4. hmm I did think that. Ive tried Cetaphil etc etc in the past but always broken out, this is the only one that doesnt irritate but i have a feeling there could be one a bit better. I thought about the Eucerin cleanser, it isnt medicated or anything just claims to wash away dirt, perhaps thats what i need? a really basic cleanser
  5. Ive tried manually, and steaming agesss ago but the pore seem to be closed up so not all the stuff comes out easily. Thanks for the reply
  6. Really could do with some advice. Im using products that ive spent a long time researching and ive been using them for a while but i keep getting blocked pores. Im using... Dermalogica Special Gel Cleanser Neutrogena Norweign Forumla Moisturiser Eucerin Moisturizer I keep things very simple. I use the Neutrogena moisturiser in the morning and Eucerin moisturiser on the night. I also apply olive oil to my face before i have a wash. Ive tried manyyy times to wash without the olive oil but my
  7. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a gel or cream that i can put on inderivdual spots. I dont get alot of spots, mainly blackheads but when i do I get these spots that have 'plugs' in them. Like solid stuff that doesnt pop but squeezes out. And sometime they're inflammed a bit. I dont get red soar spots so dont need anything extreme. Just wondered if anyone knows of something that will bring the plug out or melt away the plug? Thanks
  8. Iv been using a cleanser for just over a week and it has a small amount of AHA around 3%. It seemed really good up to yesterday when i broke out and now i have alot of new spots. Do you have an initial breakout with cleansers? Thanks, quick responses will be appreciated (dont want to be using it if it ruins my skin)
  9. Could anyone tell me if AHA is good in cleansers? The product im looking at is the Sk:n Gycolic Mild Cream Wash and it says it has 2.4% glycolic acid in it. Opinion would be great, thanks
  10. Do you not like using your electric shaver? I had the same problem so swapped to an electric shaver and it really really helped my problem. if you get the right shaver you can get just as good results as if you shaved with a wet shave. last week i actually swapped from an electric shaver to a beard trimmer, i put it on the lowest setting which gives me a close shaver, but leaves some stubble. i recommend this to any guy with acne.
  11. After you stop antibiotics, iv heard that the acne comes back worse. is this true?
  12. For anyone interested iv been taking these antibiotics for 12 days, after about the 4th i started breaking out which lasted about 5 days, now these last few days i havnt seen much improvement but my skin has stopped breaking out, it might breakout again who knows but heres hoping ill start seeing results soon. my acne isnt too bad generally, more on my back than my face, so im hoping ill see results sooner than if my skin was severe.
  13. Can anyone tell me how long the initial breakout lasts? i started taking antibiotics last monday so its been a week, after about three days i started to breakout and it hasnt stopped yet. when will things get better? thanks
  14. Hmmm could be the antibiotics, cuz they start working straight away its just you dont see the results, normally, for a while. I tried the do nothing approach a few weeks ago when my skin got really irritated and it didnt do much, ok so it gave my skin chance to recover, but blackheads etc built up. however im not on antibiotics, im starting them on thursday.
  15. Just thought id tell you my problem and my thoughts to see if anyone can relate. Iv been talking to this girl i met online for about 2 weeks, but we havent met because of circumstances like assignments etc, but even though we havent met weve become really close, phoning each other every day and texting. Shes seen pics of me on my facebook, and i look good on them, if i do say so lol buuut thing is the pics dont show my skin up close, and my skins got worse since the pics were taken. Anyway w