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  1. When I first got acne, I couldn't stand it and I kept picking at it. Now, a year later, it left some awful scars all over my face. I hate myself for picking.
  2. It looks really bad in person. i don't have a better camera at the moment though. Anyways, thanks guys
  3. it's like it hasn't fully came out yet and it's so itchy. What is this?
  4. What are some ways to help my acne scars fade? I got scars all over and a bit of discolorations here and there. Can anyone give me some suggestions on getting these scars to fade, or better yet, to disappear completely? Anyways, thank you for reading
  5. I hate this. All these scars on my face! Hate it, hate it, HATE it! Thanks to these scars, I am socially withdrawn. Jesus, this really sucks