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  1. amanda18


    Just went to my doctor today to get more Yasmin. I am definately going to stick this one out and see what happens. I hope it works cause I usually never give anything a chance and this time I am! If this doesn't work... I'm not sure what I should do. Glad to know that I am not alone on this rocky road though! Stick in there everyone Oh P.S. does anyone get a rash on one of their arms from birth control? Cause I do and I told my doctor and she was just like "ohh weird...okay so anyways" lol
  2. amanda18


    It might work for you... it definately should take longer than 2 weeks before you see positive results. I am going to stick it out and stay on Yasmin for 8 months and see what happens. I am just going to have to pray that it will kick in at some point and start working. Good luck on your journey to clear skin... it's a tough road, that's for sure!
  3. amanda18


    I hear you! I am really impatient when it comes to my skin! When my face gets bad I tend to be a hermit and not go out, avoid any contact with people I know. Might seem ridiculous but acne just KILLS my self-esteem. I really think my acne problem is hormonal, but then shouldn't Yasmin help to clear it up fast? Maybe I am wrong and it's not hormonal? I'm getting really annoyed and don't want to wait 8 months on a pill that will probably not work just like the rest of them I've tried! grr
  4. amanda18


    I have been on Yasmin now for almost 4 months (on my 4th right now) and I still have huge pimples on my face. Mostly around my jawline. It's really discouraging and I just want to stop taking Yasmin because I don't know if it's working at all. Can anyone tell me if they were on it and it took this long to start working? How long do I have to wait till I can stop wearing makeup again. Posts to this are much appreciated! I need some hope! lol
  5. amanda18


    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and the stories. I really hope that I do end up seeing an improvement. I think I am going to start on Yasmin tomorrow since really, what do I have to lose? I just hope my acne doesn't get worse. I don't know if I will be able to handle that.
  6. amanda18


    I am just wondering about experiences on Yasmin. I was on accutane for four months and it didn't clear up my skin completely but it helped it a lot until now. I am starting to get acne again (cystic acne to be exact). Please let me know if Yasmin is a good choice for bc for clearing acne. I really need something that works! Thanks xo
  7. Thank you so much for replying!! So, you really think it's awesome then? I have been researching and people say it did absolutely nothing. But I don't need it for acne anymore since it seems to be under control since accutane (knock on wood ) but I do need it for the red marks that accutane seemed to leave behind. I can tell that they are kinda going away gradually but not as quick as I would like them too! haha
  8. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried Bioskincare? I have been searching the internet for a while now trying to find an answer to my scarring problems left behind by accutane and this is the only product that seems to catch my attention. Before I order it, I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it? Please, please, please message if you know anything about it
  9. Just wondering how many people out there are using a soap called facedoctor. I just started using it two nights ago because my friend told me she has been using it for a while and it has done wonders for her skin. She use to have a lot of scars because she was on accutane a while ago and it left scarring and she has a couple pimples also. She said that it has helped her in both areas. Does anyone else feel the same about this product? I am mostly wondering if it has helped anyone with scarring
  10. Thanks for your comments on my bulletin! I dropped you my Tane experience in one of your posts! =)

  11. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I am sure glad I did. You managed to give me hope through your writing and also allow me to understand that not everyday is going to be smiles and sunshine. I'm majoring in English at University currently and I hope that one day my writing can inspire someone like your story inspired me. You are definately a GREAT writer, and I 100% agree with the person who said that had you written more, she would have kept reading. I wish you the best wit
  12. I have a lot of scars left on my face and am on my last day of accutane. I still have acne too, but that's another story. I have heard people preaching about this oil for scarring and was wondering what everyone thought of it?Will it really help my scars or no? Advice? Experiences?
  13. What do you mean not using anything at all on your skin? What should I be using on mine after I am done?
  14. Okay, so I just called my derm and he said that I was only put on accutane for 4 months and not 6 so I am pretty much one my prescription. BUT... I wish that I still had a couple more months to go because my skin has not fully cleared up and I am still getting cystic acne even after being on accutane for 4 months. So I was wondering if after I have finished this month my acne will continue to get better or not? Anyone have any experiences that they would care to share?
  15. Alright so my dermotologist is away for two weeks before I can see him AND I am going to be out of pills by then and I can't get ahold of him and my doctor said he can't give me the pills because only dermotologists can distribute this pill since it is so strong. GRR!! I don't know what to do because I neeed those pills. How do I get them?? What do I do?? HELP PLEASE!!