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  1. The difference in result and price. The fact is that energy devices such as the infini rf or genius (as far as I understand, this is about the same apparatus as the infini, with a nozzle having insulated needles) cause much more damage, in comparison with a dermapen / dermaroller, hence the regeneration zone after energy devices will be more extensive and the possible end result is better. This is obvious to me. In my opinion, correctly adjusted infini and similar devices with insula
  2. Indeed, 3mm is deep. Initially I thought to do 2.7, but at the end I changed my mind ,
  3. !Translated using the internet! !My english level very low! Hey. About a month ago (08/01/2020) I had my first and so far only infini fr session. At the moment, the subjective improvement is ~ 40%, but I know the results can accumulate over many months. I will answer the most frequent questions 1. Settings: puncture depth - 3mm, 2mm, 1mm. Power level - 4. The pulse duration is 400 ms. The number of passes is two at each depth. 2. Cost ~ $ 280 per session per pe