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  1. yes its for acne scars, and si thats me in the picture,i also have pigmentation issues.
  2. Hey everyone and thanks for stopping to read this post. ok so i have little to no acne on my face and zero on my back, however scars i have so much. my question is where in houston texas can i go and get a chemical peel, one that is a good one. from the cheapest to the most expensive where and why that place. i dont know much about any acne doctors here in houston and would love some help. preferably from ppl who had receive a chemical peel from that doctor. i know this is asking a lot but i w
  3. im not sure which products to use and i was wondering if anyone has any idea of what i can use..........i have hardy no more acne, just the occasional zit, if anyone has any ideas, even some home remedies that i can work into my daily face washing thingy and even some skin lighteners too
  4. hey man Dan's Reg. is great i used pro-active 1st too and all it did was make mines worst then i switched to Dan's "!! MIRACLE!!" then i got on accutane and that was even better and now im completely acne free....and i love it.
  5. I am -omar- me

    yeah i have IT too

    my advancement with acne.
  6. alright so im on accutane and my acne is almost gone and ive only been on it for 11 days.......and i was wondering if it was a good idea to have a chemical peel or some sort of peel to get rid of my acne scars/ which are what really bothers me
  7. No problem man. I'm sure if you just do what your doc tells you to you'll be just fine. Just be aware that you will have some setbacks (dry lips, nose, etc.) but it'll be worth it. Good luck!

  8. hey thanks for the comment. i hope it works for me like it worked for ur friend.

    i guess i should start a blog.

  9. OMG i have an appointment with a dermatologist this Friday the 28 and im pissed cuz what if she tells me that i need to stop using Dan's and start using this or worse what if she wants me to add stuff to my regiment? NO i don't know if i should tell her what im using or if i should not. what do yah think?
  10. yeah! no second thoughts about it, its working.

    yeah i was on proactive for about a year or so, and it didn't have much effect if anything it gave me more acne, unlike Dans.

    i hope you too get great results from Dan's. and the best part is u dont have to worry about it getting worst before getting better.

  11. Hey man, sounds like the Regimen is working for you, congrats! I'm thinking of switching from Proactiv to Dan's soon.

  12. thats a great idea

    a sample. ill e-mail them to see if it will be approved

  13. good idea. maybe you can get a sample before having to buy the full product? good luck!

  14. yeah i contradict myself at time too. but o well it happens to the best of us...... right?