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  1. I wish 3 dermatologists would have informed me to do that, but they all told me that clindamycin should be applied to any infected areas to keep acne at bay. I used 1% clindamycin along with BP, as instructed. It makes sense to only apply to the head of the pimple, but thats sort of pointless if theres a head already bc then it will pop on its own. I just really like to share with people the danger of this topical bc i wouldnt want others to experience any future issues that doctors wont tell y
  2. Hi there. Be VERY CAREFUL with Clindamycin. I wouldnt recommend this topical gel prescription bc it ruined my skin in the areas applied. I used it for almost 8 months so please use it wisely and not long term. Doctors will not tell you this but this medication absorbs into the skin and buries itself deep into the skin and will create worse acne later on. Its also known to burn the skin layers off if used multiple times a week. Trust me since i am still healing from Clindamycin. Just a heads up,
  3. Long story short. Ive never had acne, just the normal pimple here or there. I began a new moisturizer from Target back in 2019 and it slowly broke me out around my chin. The breakouts kept happening even after stopping the moisturizer. Everything i used, kept breaking me out. I didnt know how to stop it, so i went to a dermatologist. She diagnosed me with acne, and prescribed me clindamycin with benzoyl peroxide, as well as acnefree brand face wash. I used this for about 3 months and i was all c