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    Ventura, California
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    Well, if it isn't quite obvious, my primary interest is writing. Of course, this serves as both a curse and blessing: growing up, so many adults praising my work and beaming over the idea of saying they knew me when I would become famous, which they all were sure would happen, of course. <br />I cannot breathe without the passion of words, a very sloppily exected but bare truth.<br />My question to those who only want to say they knew me, taught me, were friends with me, or went to school with me, when I become famous (HA LAUGH FUCKING RIOT I'LL HAVE NONE OF YOUR FOOLISH MATERIAL WORSHIP YOU TV CRETINS!):<br />Why am I not worth knowing now?
  1. IDK if you're going to read this, BUT I really want you to pursue your writing always. You have a gift so keep at it girl!!!!!!!

  2. i need you so much it kills me

  3. come on, please tell me where you are, that you're still there.

  4. Hello you! What was up with your chat last night? Were you just busy? You kept going offline.

  5. it's okay, you don't need to say it, i can't afford to hear you say it

  6. You know I love you like no one else.

  7. blah blah, whatever, be my guest!

  8. Oh, I always do, darling. But you must understand. I have never been in a relationship where I've actually, truly, deeply been in love with the person. This is it. I have to take it.

  9. I can't breathe, jesus!!

  10. Oh jesus. The guy I really, really like just broke up with his girlfriend! He was leaving for Santa Cruz with her and now he's back. I'm FUCKING ECSTATIC!!

  11. Sign in, if you're here.