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  1. FINALLY!! someone asks this fucking question! I thought it was just me hallucinating, EVERY GOD DAMNED mirror shows my face in a different way! My bathroom mirror seems to show me as the least ugly, which truly is unfortunate for me. I'd rather see me at my ABSOLUTE UGLIEST, so I had something legitimate to judge as how hideous I am to the world. I hate going outside to a restaurant bathroom, and the mirror shows sheer UGLINESS that wasnt shown through my bathroom window! It's like my mirror ma
  2. Whether you believe it or not, I was where you are now. I'm not sure how old you are, but there IS something that WILL clear your pimples. I'm 22 and had been dealing with zits for almost 10 years. It wasn't until I was 20, that I sought a derm that cleared MOST of my acne with duac and tarozac along with an anti-biotic. I've also dealt with depression for as long as I can fucking remember. Anti-depressants NEVER did it for me, but they might for you as hypocritical as that may sound. As someon
  3. Pink Floyd - Us and Them Pink Floyd - Dogs Blue Oyster Cult - Astronomy Johnny Cash - Hurt (originally done by Nine Inch Nails) Steve Vai - Aching Hunger Steve Vai - Blue Powder Joe Satriani - Crystal Planet Joe Satriani - Crush of Love Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman
  4. I've never understood why people avoid work due to acne. I had the worst of the worst, and still went everyday. I wanted to get paid, fuck anyone who has a bullshit opinion. It's not like the breakout was going to fully go away in two days anyway. Not trying to come off as condescending or anything. I had a face of pimples when I got both of my jobs, apparently it didnt matter to the employer.
  5. I'm still just considering. These medications have worked like no other, so I'll probably just stick with them. Thanks for the answers.
  6. Would that mean I have to stop using my topical prescription medications Tazorac and Duac? Also, what exactly is the result of alcohol with accutane? Is it lethal or just some other side-effect?
  7. I beg to differ. As long as I can remember all the girls I was interested in, always gave me that LOOK. The, "oh my god. ew!" Look. Back on topic, I could really give at least 20, but I'll give the 3 or 4 most painful moments. These were when I was working at Mcdonalds at around the age of 19. Manager: "Only a mother could love a face like that!" She was saying it to the other grill workers right on the other side of the prep table, but it was an obvious insult. Co-worker: "If I were burned
  8. Wow, I was never aware shampoo was bad. I just assumed it would actually help cleanse your skin. I dont really get it on my face that much, anyway. Back to haircuts, I dont mind 'em. I kinda like 'em. I get one about every 4 months, however.
  9. I've always heard that the regular blade can irritate your skin. I wouldn't know from experience, though. I've always used an electric razor since the beginning. I dont even have much facial hair at all.
  10. Well, I'm 22. I don't think theres a way that I can "cure" my acne for good. I was told that its not cureable, but treatable, and I believe that. I first started using Differin Gel and Duac topical medications when I was 20. They seemed to do the job to clear up the acne and keep it at bay. However, I lost my job after I turned 21, and stopped going to the derm. So, I stopped using any medication, and my acne came back worse than before. About 7 months ago I returned to the derm. This time arou
  11. I regret not getting a dermatologist 6+ years ago. Maybe I wouldnt have my current scars..
  12. Alright, so heres the deal. I went to my dermatologist today, and asked him about a retinoid. In a nutshell he shut it down. Apparently these Tazorac and Duac Topical medications are supposed to take care of the redness of my face. ..Why dont I believe it? He said that a retinoid wont really do anything for my severe scarring, and that the only option was to seek a plastic surgeon for some kind of surgery. It was a semi-long word. I want to say sebaceiousology or something.. I dont fucking kno
  13. I assume a retinoid is some sort of pill? He has me on Duac and Tazorac topical medications. If I stop taking those, my pimples come back. Is anyone else cursed like this? Wish there was a medication that would keep it gone even if I quit using it.
  14. Hey heres my 1st post. I'm ugly as shit and I have scars to blame. I no longer have acne, but the scars from having acne for 6+ years and not getting it taken care of until this last year. So, heres my pics: so there ya go. I looked through maye one or two of the threads on what exactly they are called. I guess I have ice pick scars, and some other scar I forget what its called. I dont see anything mentioning skin graphs which is what I want to have done. **** all the other "needling". I jus