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  1. Found her thread Thx. That's the same procedure and the same Dr. Looks like I'll be doing it before her on the 14th...
  2. You're going to do a background check or something :)? Anyways this seems like a heavy procedure for my skin. One thing I didn't like about the laser was that my face was red for months. I forgot to ask her but is this probably going to be similar to the laser in terms of redness?
  3. My doctor is the dermatologists that is actually going to treat my scars. She is one of the few that offers many of those treatments in my country (Switzerland) . She has been to Dr rullen educating herself about all those treatments and lastly to Dr Perez that is a specialist about this specific treatment from what I can tell... She told me this would be a more effective method than the subcision + microneedling that was originally planned...
  4. Hi, After long discussion my doctor has suggested to try a somewhat new way of scar treatment called anterior chembrasio or anterior chemabrasion Basically I would do subcision followed by chemabrasion for best results. I have only done a laser treatment many years ago to this point. Didn't like it but iam inclined to try other things. I don't know much about this and can't find much information about it so I figured I ask in this forum. I have a little darker skin