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  1. Hello Sirius Lee, Thank you so much for the response. These scars have been taking over my life, and I am constantly worried about the lighting I am in. They appear worse in some lightings than others. I strectched my skin and it seems the scars fade when I do that. I will look into TCA and needling soon. My question is how deep do these scars appear? and how optimistic should I be about treaments? I dont know if I am making them out to be more than they are or if it is truly deep scar
  2. Hello, I was wondering how deep these rolling scars are and how I can treat them? I am sorry if the picture is blurry, but I tried to focus on getting the depth of my scars. I haven't done any acne scar treatments yet, but I am looking for the most affordable treatment. Also I am wondering if anyone with similar scarring has has success with at-home treatments? Thank you