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  1. [email protected] Thank you for your kind answer, I wanted to know if you have seen the scars becoming less deep than before, or projecting a shallower shadow, Or If you have scars on your cheeks too, if when you smile the scars are not pulled back as much as before ? And I have seen on katie (acnescarskin on ig) that the tumescent stayed for like a month, has it happened with you too? Thanks again
  2. Btw, The girl, who commented that dr H ruined her face with hypo and hyperpigmentation etc. Yesterday in a live he explained what happened: This was an Indian skin lady who had fully ablative and obviously after fully ablative the skin looks pale compared to the non treated skin like on the neck. While the skin healed over time, it started pigmenting again with the normal colour but the pigmentation was not homogeneous, and she saw this as hyperpigmentation and went to anoth
  3. @Ethan94 I was wondering, Did you see any improvement after TL? Do your scars look less deep? After how many days did the swelling/anesthesia/bruising went down? Thank you
  4. any good phisiology book Being serious i try to give my best: well katie's results are a personal opinion but to me it looks a great improvement! Tumescent anesthesia is well known in the plastic surgeon's world so you can find there loads of info. Triamcinolone is a steroid and its function is to stop inflammation, you know it's inflammation that causes adhesion, same as when you have acne, you have a prolonged inflammation that leads to formation of fibrotic bands. I'm
  5. Well, I'm sorry to hear all these things, But katie is now several months after TL and Fully ablative CO2 and her results are amazing. Then TL if performed with tumescent anesthesia, which inside has triamcinolone which reduce the inflammation, that is the main reason why scars reattach so filler is unneccesary. Also using adrenaline, this reduce the caliber of blood vessels so there should be little blood even if some vessels are cut. I know dr H can have some pictures w
  6. I seem to have tons of enlarged/scarred pores as well, and these scars seem to form from pores joining together. Whatever is doing this to my skin is very stealthy. It looks like small cylinder of keratin (?!) with sebum (?!) that form from the pores and then fell off leaving a small tiny scar. With time, these tiny holes tend to bind together forming bigger and deeper scars. I don't have acne anymore, just some spot sometimes but these scars keep forming. I took some closed pictures before