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    i love working out, running, dancing, basically anything that gives me that good feeling =]
  1. hii maybe you should try this. http://store.renewalenterprises.com/d003bioxy.html it cleanses everything && its not very hard to follow
  2. lol Thank you! I noticed your birthday was today. I hope you enjoyed yours as well :D

  3. hii =]] i read randomly ur bday is coming up. happy early bday!

  4. haha thanx hun.

    umm but i actually got pulled over on my bday.. && now i have to go to court. haha funny story. =\

  5. aw a bit late.. happy - bday lol ^^ ;/ and np hehe i hope u doing good

  6. i have that stuff. ive been using it wit food. i never put it on my skin tho. im so happy it worked for you
  7. or the tea tree toothpaste is all natural. no irritation there
  8. that was one video i didnt need to see. but im to curious.. not to look. lol.. wow
  9. aww hun, im sorry. acne really does suck. how long have you been dealing with it? i dont know if ill be much help.. i dont have the worst acne but i can tell you IVE DONE EVERYTHING meaning all the drugs a derm can prescribe except accutane. i wouldnt do that. but i can say that changing your diet is a big step in the right direction, at least for me. ive noticed lesser breakouts and i heal fast. wat i do is no sugar, meaning anything that turns into sugar or anything with natural sugars like mo
  10. im glad its working for you =] im gunna start taking glucomannan soon too.. just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. haha just curious... what happened with the birthday cake incident? did you have a major breakout for 3weeks?
  11. i really think you should let your parents know how your feeling about your scars. if they effect you that much you really shouldnt keep that hidden from your family. im sure they wouldn't want to see you suffer.. && getting a job is really a necessity if you want healing. so you kinda have 2 options. 1) talk to you parents even though you dont want to or 2) wear makeup =\... i hope you can get your scars treated because i thought the longer you have them the harder it is to get ri
  12. skateboarding is tight && i love the brand volcom

  13. maybe your body is in withdrawl mode from suddenly changing your diet. i kno when i started a really healthy diet i was sooo weak.. && i felt like i was an addict trying to resist from... drinking or smoking. it was bad. but you should definitely drink alot. could help.
  14. okay so i ordered primrose oil (GLA) and i also was thinking of taking cod liver oil (EPA/DHA) with the primrose. can these two supplements be taken together? if so like what amounts would be good in terms of mg? ...or would i be doubling up on EFA's (essential fatty acids) by taking both? im really confused so any advice would be great