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  1. Yes brilliant post, thanks I am following with interest, though I know that my reaction to my own oiliness is psychologically excessive and I suffer from elements of body dysmorphia when it comes to oiliness and blackheads.
  2. oops I missed my own deadline I am writing the preliminary sticky...
  3. hahaha sorry I have been so busy lately, I am going to put up a proposed sticky, it will be very rough at first, and as I get more time I am going to add to it until we have a great blackhead resource. If you don't see it up by today, feel free to PM me abusively!!!
  4. Nice one Marino, I am going to put up a sticky for blackheads when I get the time this afternoon, after that I am going to continually re edit it and modify it with peoples suggestions until we reach the definitive article.
  5. Hope to see you aorund this forum Q, I think I'll be spending all my acne.org time here!
  6. Nice one Dan, the new forums look good, gr8 work!
  7. I wrote quite a long letter to Dan on stating the cases for and against in what I hoped was an eloquent and logical manner - he pretty much agreed and then did all the work (while I put my feet up heee hee) to implement... I think this was something acne.org was crying out for for a long time, and I hope they get well supported!
  8. I'll be posting my solutions to blackheads tomorrow, in the mean time thank Dan for being such a great forum boss! )
  9. Join the club, I have had an oily nose for the past 8 years, it is a bit of a pain in the ass, but I am learning just to forget about it and get on with things...
  10. Generally it would be best for you to start on a retinoid like Retin A Micro and see how it goes, these are great for helping keep clogged pores clear!
  11. I would try the strongest Retin A Micro, it certainly beats tretinoin on almost all counts! GB
  12. Fair enough SHAKE IT OFF but I have been tracking the success various people have had with retinoids for some months now, and in general differin is the least effective for removing existing blackheads - HOWEVER all retinoids are excellent at preventing the formations of new blackheads, so if this is your particular problem, please use a retinoid!
  13. Someone mentioned the "Hollywood dose" and its true that in the USA models and actors/actresses especially in their teenage and early twenties are prescribed accutane on a low dose for a longer period of time to guarantee good skin for that period - Scarlett Johannsen is reportedly one of those who've done this. Theres nothing wrong with it, results are good for mild/moderate acne and side effects minimal, but it doesn't have the same good remission rates as the full accutane course.
  14. A lot of the body dysmorphobia symptoms people have when they are down to mild acne (ie still being obsessed with their skin when they are almost completely clear, I see it all the time on the acne.org galleries) is due to the excessive amount of time spent on acne forums - It gives us a chance to devote a good part of the day to thinking about and talking about acne which we probably wouldn't have had pre-internet... So I don't blame people for disappearing after getting clear, just bear in mi
  15. I would even add, that when you are clear of acne, it is extremely unwise to continue visiting acne.org as you need to try and forget about acne as soon as you can!