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  1. That stuff broke me out so bad. I was really sad too, because the foundation made me look flawless (right before the breakout ).
  2. I mix Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask with a half a packet of Emergen-C. It will turn the mask into somewhat of a foam. It stings a little bit while it's on, but after I take it off my skin looks a little better!
  3. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation scars that are on all areas of my face. At the moment I don't have too many zits, probably about 8-9. I need help covering everything up the best I can, what is the highest-covering (but also somewhat natural looking) makeup that I can use (besides colorstay, breaks me out.)? I think I'm just freaking out, I had a dream a couple nights ago that my cousin called me up and told me that I couldn't be in her weddi
  4. Thanks for the idea! I keep my hair long so that when I'm in my swimsuit I can strategically place my hair to conceal.
  5. My OB told me that I could use BP while pregnant. I did, and my baby girl is perfectly fine.
  6. I just had a baby 3 and a half weeks ago. I used BP almost the entirety of my pregnancy, my OB said that it was okay. My baby seems perfectly fine.
  7. my sister saw that Tyra show and kept telling me about it, how cool it was to see her without make-up...i wish i could have seen it. oh, and when someone tells you that you look good, for me at least its all really like oh your MAKE-UP looks good I loved that episode of the show. It was her 5 minute makeup routine, and you can find pics of that show and pics of Tyra without her makeup here.
  8. I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant. I was completely clear using the acnefree system, and then I wanted to go with something more natural. I tried the Burt's Bees garden tomato face soap/toner. It made everything so much worse, and I gave it about a month before I stopped using it. I asked my doctor what I could use and she told me that Benzoyl Peroxide is okay to use, but to not use Salicylic acid. I've been using the acnefree for about a week again and it has almost cleared up my horrendous break
  9. Hi! I am currently using the acnefree 3-step system. I don't want anything I use to harm my baby, so I was wondering if this is safe. If this is not okay is there anything that I can use during pregnancy that will help clear me up?
  10. Same with my husband. I've never known him to wash his face but one or two times the whole time we've been married, his skin is flawless. I wash my face every night and day and still have a bunch of zits.
  11. I've used their concealer. It didn't work well for me, I'd put it where I wanted it and less than an hour later the same spot would look like I did nothing to it.
  12. I love green concealer. The trick is not to use it alone. I blend mine with my foundation (you can blend it on the back of your hand that you aren't applying with.) It should go on rather smoothly. I use physicians formula collor correction in green.
  13. I just finished doing the facial steam. My face feels really good. I found a way to breathe with the towel over the bowl/my head... I just used a straw!
  14. I wear foundation every day. I hate the way it feels, especially in hot weather. I get really self-concious about my red marks/active zits so I feel like I have to wear it. I try to go without it every now and then, so maybe I can realize that it isn't so bad. I had a really bad stress breakout the other week and went to Wal-Mart to find some acne stuff (w/o makeup on) The whole time I was in the acne isle, I felt like everyone was starting at me, thinking "yeah, you sure do need to take care of
  15. My favorite thing to use is the green physician's formula concealer. It comes in a small compact-like square case. I mix it with a small layer of foundation and it takes out the overall redness of my face.