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  1. Billy Boy, One more question what type of scars did you have punch floated? Did the doctor use to big of a punch tool to create the larger depressions? thanks
  2. Hey Billy Boy, When the doctor performed subcision did he use a nokor needle or a different needle like a 22 or 23 g needle? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, How long does the swelling usually last after you have dermarolled with 1.5mm or individually needled scars? Thanks
  4. Anyone know of any doctors still performing punch elevation (floats) Thanks
  5. I believe that is forum is a community of healing and lack therof. But is the lack of our own success because of our own negativity or just treating the external condition. I now that is has been 19 years since I have suffered. My spirit has both been strengthened and discouraged. I believe at least for me the internal condition is being self conscious. How many times have you awoken feeling refreshed only to look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the vicious cycle again. If only we wou
  6. Really once again missing the point of the post. This is not about religion. I think we can all concur that we possess a subconscious mind and really I was wondering if you believe it is the treatments that aren't effective or does it have to do more with us and our belief or faith that we will heal. Any feedback
  7. It has been interesting to see some reply's to this post. Honestly I didn't think anyone would pay attention. But I was by no means trying to sell any religion. When I speak of faith I refer more to a higher consciousness whether you call that God or whatever but it is not about organized religion. I was wondering how that might affect our own healing especially when you hear that people are cured of cancer without treatments and we struggle with emotionally with the after math of acne. I r
  8. Expanding from my first post. I have had moderate good to good success with my treatments but always have been stuck on the last hump. Just wondering if the true power really does come from inside and clearing all the emotional garbage that has been accumulated throughout our years of suffering. Is that where the healing really resides? To do the inner work first and complement with the external treatments? Don't know yet but was curious for any input. Has this ordeal left you with a loss
  9. I have been on this board for some time now and have been exposed to many good treatment plans. But I was curious to know why some people heal better than others. I have been moving down a more spiritual path in my life which could have been brought about by having scars. It really makes you go deeper inside yourself to find a higher purpose but from this journey do you think that we are blocking our own healing? From what I have read we possess the power to heal ourselves but why sometimes
  10. Hope your healing goes well. Was curious in what areas did the doctor inject the fat? Were there any marks where the needle was injected into the face?
  11. I know Bulg. Derm recommended autologous blood transfer for scars many months ago. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried the procedure by injecting blood into individual scars and then using the DPL machine. thanks
  12. Lamar, I have seen your before pic and after pic and you have experienced quite dramatic results. Did you suffer from fat loss or indendations? Was the method you have described even effective for that? thanks
  13. Lamar, When you needle with the tip that you suggested do you use anything to numb the skin? I have tried before with a bigger needle and it hurts like hell. thanks
  14. Wanted to know what doctor performed your punch floats. It is hard to find any that does that technique anymore except for Dr. Y. thanks
  15. Hey Bulg Derm Glad to see your still around. Anyway with blood transfer you refer to skin flattening are you referring to raised scars or can it be used to slightly elevate depressed skin? thanks for your input