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  1. Im 20. Iv had acne sence 13. Its been moderate to mild most times. However when i was around 16 to 18 it was quite severe. Iv taken accutane 3 times and it has always helped but my acne has returned after couple of monts. Its been about a month sence i quite accutane again. How ever my biggest problem has never been acne but the SCARS!

    I have severe hypertrophic (raised) scars on my chest/shoulders/back-area and moderate to mild dented scars on my face. :boohoo:

    There is hope to fix the dented scars but absolutely no hope for the hypertrophic scarring! They look like pimples! I have about 100 tiny RED scars. They range from 1mm to about 2cm. Nothing has worked to fix the redness, which is my main concern. Sence it makes them look just like acne! I even tryed pulse laser, but it didnt work! There is no hope and i have to live whit them till the day i die and i simply cant take off my shirt in public. I have totally isolated myself from the rest of the world. My shrink tells me i just have mental problems but she hasnt even seen the scarring and she just does not understand. i dont see how my life could improve. Im totally lost. Im suppose to go back to school in few weeks but i just dont know if i can keep myself there. What do you think I should do? :boohoo:

  2. All i can say is that your story is quite normal here on acne.org. Making your skin worse whit treatments.. so common : / There are alot of people like you. Like me, exept that i have like a hundred keloids all over my body. Its very good that your getting help. Stretch marks will fade in time. Iv heard that some creams can help fade them. What did your derm say about the eczema?

  3. Could it be that what you eat has no or very little effect on your skin but its just your mind playing tricks? Like when you eat something you consider "unhealthy" or "junkfood" you brake out becouse of the feelings you have about the food you eat? Emotions can ofcourse effect skin, like peoples heads can get red when they get angry or when they blush. What do you think?

  4. Plus, during the lectures I sit at the corner. Also, while walking I use the other side of the pavement. Sometimes its really funny. for eg. If I try and present my better side (by some awkward maneuvering) to some girl/s who happens to pass by, sometimes she/they mistakenly assume that I am trying to make a pass on them while all I am trying to do is to look presentable. :redface: