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  1. Thanks girl! I am going to schedule consults with them in the next month or so and see what they think.
  2. Hey Amanda I reached out to Dr. Rullan. So did you actually go to him?? Can you tell me a little more of your experience and improvement you saw if so?
  3. Are there any good acne scar specialists doctors in Dallas area for subcision, cross, fillers, and RF Microneedling? Or just a doctor in Texas that is an expert? I met with Dr. Lam in Plano who was recommended on this site but he doesn’t believe in subcision and seems to like old approaches like silicone microdroplets and Dermabrasion better. Also there was soooo much product pushing because he has his own skin care line. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations as I am thinking of
  4. Ya good point on the masks! At least I’d be incognito on the trip back!
  5. I guess I was under the impression Dr. Weiner did all those things too, not just laser. I was going to him so I could have at least the option to have the whole package - whatever I needed for each individual scar??
  6. I just watched/ read every single one of these! Thanks so much for your help Amanda! I am going to reach out to Dr. Rullan too. Not sure if he does virtual consults first as I would need one before I go see him. I am going to see what him and Dr. Weiner say and then decide. This journey is so long and never ending. I have break downs to my husband from time to time because my skin bothers me so much!! I’ve tried everything and my skin was looking pretty good and then I got this horrible infectio
  7. Ya I don’t mind so much the money if it’s worth it to go to actual specialist in acne scars. It’d just be one night or so if I only go out every quarter and give the skin 3 months to heal in between treatments. I have rolling scars mostly with an ice pick here or there. But the kicker is I also have deep scarring from a staph infection I got on my FACE earlier this year that’s left my face even more scarred up so that’s my biggest issue. Lucky me. :-( so I’m hoping he could even treat abnormal s
  8. Keep ya updated! I’m following now too! Where do you get a Chinese cupping device for sunken scars??
  9. Has anyone gone out of state/ flew for acne scarring procedures and treatment? If so was it worth it? Thinking of traveling to Dr. Weiner in Florida but it seems like a lot of work to do a few times a year for real results. At the same time I’ve done every single treatment out there with little results and want to see an expert in the field. I’m in Dallas. Any feedback is appreciated!!
  10. Where do you go to get a personal assessment from BA now??
  11. This is a dumb question I know but I’m seeing all these amazing Mohs surgery before and after pics. Why don’t more plastic surgeons perform these kinds of procedures for an isolated scar?? All the photos of Mohs for small lesions you can’t even tell in their after pics.
  12. Has anyone had a cyst surgically removed from their face? Did it leave a scar? I have a cyst on my cheek under my eye (right at the forefront of my face, of course!). It is under the skin - NOT an acne cyst, but an actual lumpy, bumpy cyst. It went away for like ten years and is back. I am just wondering if I should get it removed. I’ve already gotten steroids into it a decade ago and it caused atrophy so I don’t want to cause a bigger divot with more steroids.
  13. I have a cyst that is deep under my cheek that returned after being dormant for like 10 years!! Had it injected a decade ago several times to get it to go down. Subcision to atrophic scar that resulted from the steroids made it come back. The cyst isn’t an acne cyst but a deep one under the skin. It’s flat and wide but I can feel it when I push on it and see it in lots of different lighting. Has anyone had a similar cyst excised? I see all those YouTube videos of huge cysts being removed but I’m