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  1. For cysts, accutane. Think of it like this: if you were in a building and there was a fire on the floor below you, you wouldn't clean the carpet you would go down and put out the fire!
  2. That's always the worst part about starting a new medicaton. Thank you!
  3. I was on Retin A for a year and found that I had NO problem in the sun, except I DID get sunburn more easily. Just wear lots of sunscreen! Oh, and a hat is great too.
  4. Hi! Retin A works great, but warning...your skin is extremely dry, to the point where it actually peels of your face (and it's VERY VERY noticable). To avoid getting really dry, drink a LOT of water and eat healthy. Good luck! Retin A works great.
  5. So I always get called "pizza face" and tomato (because my face is all red from acne), and it has been going on since I was in G4! Does anyone else here get teased because of their acne? I remember when we had a sub in socials, the sub wrote a letter to my teacher cuz I was not good and she described me by my acne.I couldn't believe it! How does everyone deal with being teased?
  6. Hi, so I was recently on Retin A from last April until about a week ago. My derm told me that I wouldn't need to use it anymore because I would be going on accutane. I was just wondering, since you get VERY dry on Retin A, will my skin still get try on Accutane? And my acne is actually very good at the moment, but will my acne get bad again once I am on accutane? Or will my year on Retin A have no effect on Accutane at all? I am starting this pill in 2 weeks. I'm so nervous!
  7. Hi, I have scarring from picking acne scabs on my face and my DERM told me that my scars are deep. Does anyone know if these will go away? And if they don't, how much will they fade? I would really like information on scarring, please.
  8. I was just wondering if you are allowed to take Tylenol while on Accutane? You know, for headaches?