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  1. Hi all, I started the acne.org regimen 7/8 weeks ago after sudddenly developing a pretty bad hormonal breakout around my jaw + cheeks 4/5 months ago after having super super clear skin. I experienced some dryness at the beginning but at the moment the skin seems to be becoming more and more oily the more benzoyl peroxide I apply. I have in the last few weeks developed HUGE blind nodules all over my face (including around my eye/eyebrow area...weird!). These nodules are not on the
  2. Hey, how is your skin going now? Honestly my acne had almost cleared up before I started a week ago and now I have some of the biggest cystic acne I’ve had in months appearing on my face! I hope it’s just purging but am also kind of scared it’s the irritation/more oil and moisturiser than I normally use breaking out. My skin is super sensitive so not sure. Any advice?
  3. My only question about avoiding the eye area totally is that I have extremely dry and sensitive skin around my eyes, at some point during the day I do need to moisturise them. How/ When should this be done? Thanks