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  1. I've been on the regimen for a couple of months. An important weekend is coming up and I just FEEL that my nose is going to erupt with a huge zit. There are already rumblings of a zit forming! I can see a bit of redness at the tip of my nose. Can people recommend any counteractive measures I can take to prevent this zit from coming up? I put on the BP gel once every night. Anything else I should do?
  2. I think it is fine for guys to wear foundation. However, I would notice it right away since I've been wearing makeup for such a long time, as have a lot of girls. Personally, I wouldn't want my boyfriend wearing makeup, or hiding the fact that he's wearing it from me.
  3. Week 10 I had a pretty big night coming up last Saturday which I didn't want to jinx by posting "I have great skin right now" and then getting a huge zit the day before the event, so I refrained from posting for a while. I know, doesn't make any sense but I am so superstitious about this sort of thing! Anyway, I've been pretty diligent on the Regimen every night. I'm almost done with my first bottle and I have two I just ordered (I love the new packaging!). Nothing really disastrous on my
  4. When I was on Accutane, I made sure I moisturized morning and night, and I used Revlon ColorStay foundation (I still use it). Since your face is very sensitive from the Accutane, make sure you don't rub your face while washing or use harsh cleansers and scrubs.
  5. Thanks for the tips, Rae! What brand of loose make-up powder and cream foundation are you using?
  6. I use Revlon ColorStay also and my tried and tested solution for makeup removal is Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser (in the blue bottle). It gets rid of ALL my foundation and eye makeup.
  7. I refuse to take public transportation without makeup on! I think I did it once or twice and wore a baseball cap to cover my face when I was heading to the derm's office. But luckily, my dermotologist told me I could wear foundation to the office because usually it was just a check up for when I was taking Accutane. What do you girls do or how do you explain to guys you're sleeping with when there's makeup that's rubbed on the pillow or their shirts? I'm always mortified (inside my head)
  8. Week 7 & 8 I had a monstrous mountain (the hard bump kind) on the right side of my mouth but it's slowly deflating. Other than that, my skin is behaving. I've been applying BP gel mostly once a night. Skin is not too dry and is not flaking.
  9. Week 6 I am very happy with my complexion these days. I've been diligently applying BP gel at night and sometimes in the mornings. It's all about persistence, everyone!
  10. Week 5 I've been applying only at night but today I decided to use a little BP gel in problem areas (mostly my jawline) during the day. For some reason, all my skin trouble has been concentrated on my jawline area and it's so annoying! I can't wait to get this all under control. My skin has been a bit flaky towards the end of the night and my jaw/neck area has been itchy after I apply the gel at night. Other than that, no swelling or anything of that sort, so that's good.
  11. Week 4 I skipped two days of applying BP this past weekend... I was too busy with Halloween! Horrible excuse, I know. I'm back on track now. I'm applying a little over 2/3s the length of my index finger in the evenings. I'm quite happy with my complexion. There is one spot to the left of my chin which is annoying me, but other than that, I'm quite content. Dear readers, do you think I should start amping up my usage? Should I start applying in the mornings? Or is it sufficient to jus
  12. Week 3 Things are looking up! My skin is a lot clearer and the spots I was worried about are flattening out quite nicely. I don't know whether to put the praise on the gel or the fact that my time of the month is over! I've advanced from 1/3 to 2/3s length of my index finger for BP gel application. My skin is a bit flaky but no longer itchy and as irritated as it was the first and second week. Hoorah for that!
  13. I had puffy eyes when I got Proactiv cleanser on my eyes. What helped bring the swelling down was applying cortisone cream twice a day on my eyelids.
  14. I've jumped back on the acne fighting bandwagon. After my stint with Accutane and a year of peace and calm, the acne has come back in full force. Damn you, acne! Week 1 - Last Week I used Proactiv cleanser two or three times last week and my eyes ended up puffy and swollen. I looked like Quasimodo. *NEVER* spread BP near your eyes. My skin became very dry, a bit scaly, and itchy. Week 2 - This Week I started using BP Gel Sunday night. I used Neutrogena Fresh Foam Cleanser then I appl