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  1. 27??? your as old as you feel!!! (btw 27 is not old) Life not all about relationships. Everyone needs to be comfortable being themselves and being indpendent before getting into a relationship. Im 26 and I have never had a real relationship either. I was always looking for a the real thing for most of my life. Now I just enjoy spending time with my fam and friends. Once I started to understand I dont have to have a boyfriend I became more attractive to others and of course gave me self confid
  2. I totally understand how you felt...I had the same situation happen with me....after it happened ( of course ) I kept replaying it in my head, I kept thinking of all the things I wish I said back...but that would just have made me look immature. sooo I decided next time if that every happens to me again.. I will take that person to the side and be like "you may have not realized it but your comment really hurt my feeling and I would appreciate it if next time you would keep your thoughts about