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  1. My derm put me on this and i wanted to ask did anyone else use this together before. My derm told me use clindamycin in the morning and differin at night. how well to these 2 work. any answers will be appreciated
  2. anyone lol please it's important guys help me out
  3. Hey guys it's been a while since i posted lol was away for a long time, regimen helped me a lot although i did use my own products from my doctor. What i needed to know is are there any good and i mean good over the counter oil ccontrol face washes or lotions. The last one my doc prescribed was a 10% bp to wash only my oily areas well i get mostly oily in the forehead and nose, but this wash hasn't been helping much. My skin started to produced more oil on the areas i mentioned not so much on
  4. I am wondering were do these products come from and why are they so much better or said to be better then the prescribtion stuff or clearasil,proactive,clean and clear,or neutrogena.
  5. Hey I am new on this site so if this is in the wrong section then forgive me but i have some questions. My derm recently perscirbed me a Beyzol Peroxide face wash 10% BP 5% and eythromycin(spelling) 3% topical gel Now i know ho the face wash works lol but this gel am i suppose to be puttin it on only to the pimple or the area were i usually have my breakouts. Also if anyon ever used this product this is a sticky gel so it's like putting glue on your face my question is am i suppose to gently