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  1. i also feel totally depressed, but i have recognized it as the drug so i am honest with my friends and family about my mental health. weed has helped me tremendously as it seems to clear my head and help me focus on the happy. i'll be done in 30 days!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for natural happiness
  2. I agree! I was taking it all at once in the beginning and the side effects were really bothersome not to mention the IB lasted forever. When I split my dose the IB went away after a few days and the side effects are much less bothersome.
  3. I am on my third course of accutane. the first course idid not COMPLETELY clear until i finished the entire course and stopped taking the meds. I don't actually remember when I cleared the secong time (10 years ago). I am now on day 105 and not clear yet. I am not getting the huge cysts anymore, bit juicy little pimples that explode and leave a yucky scar and red mark. I want desperately to be clear. I am debating skipping the last month and just getting off accutane as I feel my complex
  4. If you are considering getting pregnant you should wait at least a month after stopping the meds to do so. I got pregnant with my first daughter one month after stopping Accutane. I was worried that it may have been too soon, but every medical professional I dealt with at the time said not to worry, one month is the standard recommendation. Clear it with your family doctor first, of course. And to displaythis and 250208, I cannot understand why you both waste everyone's time with your rude b
  5. From what I understand, when a drug is developed and goes through R & D it is then granted an exclusive patent. However long this patent if valid varies (or it used to). Accutane was the first of it's kind. Hoffman Laroche has been researching this drug for over 2 decades. When their patent expired it opened the market up to competitors who were free to piggyback off of Accutane's research and formulation, thus allowing them to come up with cheaper alternatives b/c they would not be incu
  6. Good luck! I broke really bad for the first 2 months on accutane. It was much worse than before I even started the drug. My skin started to clear around 2 1/2 months in. I am now left with red marks, but no BIG PAINFUL cysts. The beginning of Accutane sucks if you are prone to the initial breakout. Stick with it, there really is no other option
  7. Emu Oil! I finally cleared near the end of month 3 after a terrible IB. I was left with red, pink and purple marks all around my chin. I also found that my skin tone looked kinda shit and unhealthy. I read a lot about emu oil on this site and others, it has helped TREMENDOUSLY! I will always use this stuff, ALWAYS! It never made me break out or aggravted my skin. It fades the red marks quick(er) and evens out my skin. Emu oil is helping me get through the rest of this accutane journey!
  8. I'm not sure why it slows your healing, but I do know that it thins the upper layer of your skin considerably which makes the red marks WAY more noticable, especially outside. Not much you can do but ride it out, the marks go away when the drug is out of your systems and your skin "rebuilds" itself. I am on my third course of Accutane and I KNOW they marks go away. But they are a bummer when you have them! Also, do not put any retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids on your face until you've been
  9. Sounds like you have atrophy from the injections. It's very rare, and sometimes happens if the derm mixes too high of a concentration of cortisone. I had 2 small indents in 2000 that have slowly blended back in over the years. They are only really noticable when I gain weight in my face (pregnancy, etc.). There are cosmetic fillers you could try, AFTER you are done with Accutane for 6 months. I'm not sure that saline will do anything as it is absorbed by your body.
  10. After my first course of accutane ended in 2000, my husband and I decided we'd start trying for a baby. We were planning on waiting a month post-tane to stop all BC. However, best laid plans......... I concieved my daughter about 3 weeks post-tane. NO problems at all. She was healthy from the beginning. 9 lbs 9oz at birth. In retrospect, I would have waited longer, just to be safe. But, rest asured that you have been off almost a month, so you're probably OK. Mention it to your OB/GYN a
  11. I am just starting my third month of accutane. I bought bio-oil last week to help fade the red and pink scars on my face and I planned on using it on post-pregnancy stretch marks. I had no problem with it on my body, but after using it one night on my face I woke up with 2 cysts the next morning. not sure if it's the accutane or the oil, so I'm erring on the side of caution andnot using the oil on my face (