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  1. Hey, guys) I have an oily skin and it's pretty big problem for me. I wash my face with the cleanser for mixed and normal type of skin (I've chosen it, because cleansers for oily skin dry my skin out completely. And it's not the most pleasant thing, you know ) ). So what should I do to reduce this greasiness on my face? You can try to advice everything you want, except Accutane. I don't like to take medicine.
  2. Skinoren is good enough to make your skin looking paler... Maybe it has little antibactertial action, i'm not sure in it)) I didn't remark that skinoren unclogs pores. Unfortunately) I'd used it last summer but I gave up soon...
  3. Have U used anything containing sulfur? Maybe some medications with it...
  4. Thanks. Most probably I'm allergic... If it is so, what should I do? I gave myself a word to get rid of acne! I MUST do it!!! I need it 4 my job! No one pimple should be on my face... What can U advise me to do? But don't advise accutane, it's a bullshit for our health.
  5. Incredible! My congratulations!!!
  6. Could U tell me are there some creams like Clearasil, Persa-Gel containing 2.5 %???
  7. Thanks a lot) I've moisturized my face after applying the BP... But redness still appeared. Would U ALMOST think that? You're giving me a hope) Thanks. But... If it is an allergy, does it mean that I won't be able to use the BP? I mean, less concentration - 2.5 or 5 BP.
  8. I've applied some Clearasil Ultra Tinted 10% BP on one zit on my chis and on another on my chin. Soon area around these zits turned red. Then redness disappeared only after 12 hours. What is this? Isn't it an allergy? Did anybody have the same situation? I'm a bit scaried bacouse BP is really effective and I want to use it... Do U think that if I apply 2,5 or 5% cream. redness won't appear? I USED IT FOR SPOT TREATMENT!!!
  9. Please, try to answer this not very little question,,, Wouldn't you mind doing it? )
  10. I'm not a doctor but I can only advise you not to mix Bp with other medications.
  11. What is this oil for? I'm sorry for a lil bit stupid question but I've never heard about it.
  12. But if I do not use oil-blotting sheet or napkin, will my pores probably become clogged? I've already used it to spot treat. The result was redness on the places, where I've put the medication. I don't think that I'm allergic to it. Firstly because I used it one year before... And everything was all-right... Couldn't I suddenly become allergic to it? Secondly because I think my skin is sensitive simply. I went to cosmetologist recently. She "darsonvalized" my skin)) She also said my skin was so
  13. 2Ms. E I agree with U that knowlidge is power! I've already read about it... Just stopped reading final page) So, Dan uses BP and moisturizer. I've gor one moisturizer, it is made by Garnier, but I don't know whether it's oil-free or not... This is not very hard to guess that I wouldn't like to clog my pores))) 2All And I have one more question. I think it's really important. So, I wash my face gently twice a day with my cleanser and boiled water (in Russia city water is not of good quality, the