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  1. He is in Beverly Hills. Probably as expensive as it gets in the US. Not worth it in my opinion.
  2. Im pretty sure BA's opinion was it is better than nothing and you can do it at home but if you are expecting significant results you will be disappointed.
  3. I do think there needs to be a lot more transparency over how expensive and long this process can be and if its worth starting if you can not complete it. It is simply not reasonable to expect dramatic improvement after 1-2 treatments. The only real success story I would say I have seen is f93d's thread and he had 14 treatments and probably spent upwards of 20k total.
  4. I would disagree that he is trying to price gouge. He is in southern California in a very high cost of living city. I have done my research for doctors in that area and they are all very similar to his prices and significantly more expensive towards Los Angeles. Unfortunately cosmetic procedures are just expensive. For every hour they spend treating your scars is time that could be spent doing other surgical procedures. It is good that you are seeing improvement as there are plenty of people on
  5. To me it looks like some volume loss. You could benefit from 1-2 subcisions and some filler. Unfortunately I have never seen anything under 1k in the last few years.
  6. Just be careful. I wouldn't be surprised if that influencer had an affiliate link where they are paid for your purchase. As long as it's not breaking your bank it probably doesn't hurt to try to include especially after treatments.
  7. Collagen is literally connective tissue. I do not think a plant based option exists. From my research there isn't any significant benefit to consuming collagen specifically. Your body takes it in and processes it like any other protein you may intake. Seems like more marketing than anything. Just make sure you get adequate protein.
  8. Unfortunately while on Accutane there isn't much you can do. That being said getting on accutane and controlling your active acne is the best first step to minimizing scaring. The best thing you can do now is avoid picking or further damaging your skin. You may want to ask your dermatologist before you do this but I also feel controlling inflammation of active acne through ice or prednisone can help.
  9. The ones with the clear hard edge are boxcars that will not improve immediately with subcision because they are due to volume loss. The best way to treat these in my personal experience is TCA cross to smoothen out the edges as much as possible and eventually filler in those areas.
  10. If may just be that the scars were never really tethered and volume loss is the issue. I notice smaller shallow pits especially tend to look the same even when I am swollen. Did you hear a significant amount of popping? It is also your first subcision so you aren't going to see much of a difference. I didn't really start noticing improvement until my third.
  11. His treatments seem to be more focused on manual techniques especially acids. Every doctor has their specialty and you can't really expect them to be able to perform everything. For example he doesn't seem to do a lot with lasers either. Those results do not surprise me. CO2 when it works seems to have the best result however carries extremely high risk of hyperpigmentation especially with darker skin types. RF micro needling from my understanding is much safer, can be performed on darke
  12. From my understanding the RF devices are still pretty new and expensive. I don't think it has anything to do with him not believing in the treatment or something like that.
  13. Is it raised and warm to touch? If so it is probably hematoma. I would stop suctioning and start messaging the bumps. You may need to go back to the doctor and request something like prednisone if it doesn't disappear.
  14. Suctioning too hard can not only create adhesions but also hematoma. I would follow what Rullan says. I wouldn't say the goal is to create bruising but to prolong the bruising from the subcision.
  15. I mostly agree with above. From my understanding dietary collagen has no effect on actual collagen production in the body. That being said I try to eat a little bit more than usual after treatments. Your body needs a caloric surplus to be in a anabolic state. I know it is skin tissue so it probably works a bit differently but it can't hurt where as I can see being in a state of malnutrition will probably hinder some collagen production.