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  1. Pls help. I know i should not take Vit E. But anyone know if i should take vitamin C after my CO2 laser? Thank u
  2. Should i get filtered or unfiltered ACV? Is there any diff?
  3. So basically just poking the scars till u hear a popping sound right? can it be used on huge rolling scars? can i use vaseline on that scar after needling? hope someone can help. thanks!!
  4. I thought the way to use it is to swab your face with alcohol before. Then once rolling wait for 15 mins before applying topical like Retin A. and clean ur roller by dipping in alcohol. anybody can confirm this?
  5. Am i the only cursed one? Why do most of my pimples caused dark marks once the pimples have dried?? while others dont get any marks when their pimples dry up. This is so unfair! I cant find the answer anywhere. And is there any way i can prevent thee dark marks from appearing?
  6. Thanks im Going to do this(: Does ACV disappears the blemishes and dark spots caused by acne?
  7. Is there any video or tutorial on how to do this? I am afraid i might do it wrongly and worsen the scars... I would really love to try this.
  8. will tt new linear scar dissappear or is it a result of excision?
  9. I wonder if anyone had any luck clearing scars or blemishes with glycolic acid..
  10. I have lots of unsightly blemishes on my face due to my previous horrible breakouts. Which diy chemical peel would be the best to remove these blemishes? TCA?GLYCOLIC?LACTIC?SALYCYLIC? I bought 30% Glycolic acid but it just seem to make my face red for the next 48 hours and my scars worse. Thanks!!!
  11. I think what you are experiencing is just a temporary effect. Your scars will look as before once u stop the supplement of hyaluronic acid.
  12. is there any difference if i use propyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol to disinfect and sterilize my dermaroller?
  13. Which would be a better choice for depression scars on cheeks? rollers or glycolic acid?
  14. what bad things have you heard? hm...i think it applies for almost every possible acne medications. All of them actually have mixed reviews.