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  1. Something to research: https://www.healthline.com/health/gcmaf-cancer-treament https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/isotretinoin-call-for-information-to-be-considered-as-part-of-an-expert-review Please participate
  2. Look I don;t want to attack victims of Isotretinoin, we are all suffering so greatly. We all want to find a cure and some might like compensation. Would I drop everything if someone said that they could offer me and me alone a cure - if I am being honest a probably would. But don't you agree that because victims did not report side effects years ago - there are more victims today and loads of dead teenagers? I spoke to a dermatologist the other day and he said that he had only heard about sexua
  3. Trust me we all want to see Pharma pay but we need more recognition. You are right that we need to sue the MHRA and the FDA - they are responsible for patient safety and they have allowed Pharma to murder innocent teenagers. Note that the Thalidomide and victims pf other drugs did eventually get compensated years and years after the scandal so we do need to keep chipping away. But you got to realise we can't do it alone, we need everyone one of you guys to get involved. You can send us cas
  4. You are not helping me in the slightest - have you ever re-read your own posts - your like a flip flop. I really wish you would back away! What about stopping other people being prescribed this drug rather than coming here to listen to all your useless advise on how to get better!!! Seriously, have you said one single thing that has ever helped someone get better - I think not!
  5. Is sexual dysfunction listed in th US PIL then? Is permanent systemic damage mentioned? Is spontaneous suicide mentioned? Is post treatment suicide mentioned? Is PAS mentioned?
  6. Very selfish attitude. Tell me how many teenagers committed isotretinoin induced suicide this year in the US and the UK? Better still, tell me how many Australians botherer to report any side effects at all? It will be years before victims get another chance to be heard so please speak up now. speak up for all the kids who lost their lives for all the males who can't have sex and will never father a child. for all the females who are not able to enjoy sex. for all t
  7. Why don't you email the review team and ask them to find a cure, financially support all victims and give compensations for the thousands of destroyed lives and got only knows how many lost lives. You must have realised by now that you not going to get the answers here. What have you done to stop other patients from being injured and murdered? [email protected] for the attention of the expert working group https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6431453/Th
  8. Let's hope all victims will have a conscience. I know it is too late for us but more will die if we do not act now. Please complete the survey and more if you feel strongly. email the MHRA to voice your concerns and call for support and compensation for all victims.
  9. What other surveys? This is the first time ever Accutane victims have had the chance to be heard. Your australian regulators are doing nothing and although I don't have much faith in the MHRA they are at lest rolling this survey out to victims across the world. Devastatingly there are thousands of young Accutane victims who will never again get the chance to be heard because they are dead. Anyone who has ever been hurt by this evil drug please speak up on behalf of all the loved ones we ha