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  1. marissa088

    -I like the smell! -Great spot treatment for current acne, I will apply at night and in the morning the pimples are VISIBLY reduced and after 2-3 days (depending on the severity) they are usually all gone. -Works great as a mask that you wash off as well. It makes your face brighter and a lot softer. You can tell that the dead skin has been removed. I love this product!! -Makes you look like the incredible hulk! :-) -The squeeze bottle is a bit messy, I have to ag
  2. I was prescribed this by the doctor and she said to use it at night. Has anybody had any luck with it? What should I use to cleanse my face/remove makeup? I don't want anything to interact negatively.
  3. I love diary. Milk, cheese, ice cream. So this is going to be hard to cut it out completely. I have moderate acne, especially around my mouth & chin area. For people who have cut out diary - how do you do it? It seems so overwhelming because diary is in almost everything I can think of. Or is it okay to have diary products in moderation? (I drink a cup of skim milk everyday, I would obviously cut that out). Can I still cook with milk and butter? Just trying to figure out what will work
  4. My skin is pretty oily and I'm thinking it might be the moisturizer I'm using. Has anybody had problems with Eucerin Sensitive Skin SPF 30? What do you use?
  5. Thanks. My mom has had some serious bouts with skin cancer, that's why I'd like to wear sunscreen, especially on my face everyday, but I also don't want breakouts. I have to find a good balance. I'm going to look for that video.
  6. I don't really do soda, it's more coffee. Thanks!
  7. I live in FL & work outside with kids for part of the day. It is usually very warm/muggy/humid and I have noticed that I get little whiteheads and blackheads when my face gets more oily, which happens when I'm outdoors. If I stay inside, this doesn't seem to happen as much. My question is - what can I do to prevent these whiteheads from forming? I carry the Neutrogena oil absorbing sheets & use those once a day because my skin gets super oily. Is there a different face wash or anything
  8. Yes or no? I'm trying to gauge if I should cut down or not... I have 1-2 cups everyday.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I was just curious as to what other people's take on it was. I drank alot more last weekend because I went on vacation and completely broke out with like 3-4 cysts on my face (which I haven't had cystic acne since before Accutane like 2 years ago) so it was pretty unusual.
  10. I'm not saying that I don't get acne on my left side, but it has been predominately on my right side since I got off Accutane about two years ago. I'm not getting any cysts or anything deep anymore, but I have plenty of whiteheads and pustules all over my chin, cheek, and eyebrow area. It's driving me mad. I'm wondering what could be the cause of just one side of my face breaking out? Also, I can't take estrogen based birth control because of other adverse reactions, so I've been taking a mini
  11. Mostly like the jawline and right below the chin.
  12. I've never really had an issue with acne on my neck. I will get a few pimples around my jawline but that's about it, except for now. A few weeks ago my neck just starting breaking out like crazy and still is and now I'm having new acne plus the red marks from the old acne. What the heck is causing this all of a sudden? I'm a 21 year old female and I use salicylic acid wash 2x a day on my face and now my neck. Thanks!
  13. There is no one brand of moisturizer in particular that seems to aggravate my skin because I've used several different products - they all seem to do it. My skin gets super clogged and oily and I will get these pimples that are just full of puss. I was on Retin-A for about 6 months, it was horrible. I would use it every other day (because my skin would peel so bad) and use a moisturizer at night and I finally gave up. My skin was looking so horrible. For the past few weeks, I got just a generic
  14. Ive had acne since I was twelve years old and in my early teenage years, I suffered from severe acne all over my face. I am now twenty five and almost all of my breakouts are around my lips, on my chin and on my jawline (moderate acne now), I have blackheads all over my nose and my forehead is clear. As a matter of fact, yesterday I made a thread asking what kind of pimple it is I have on the left fold of my lip under my nose and above my lips. This isnt always the case but I think adult acne is