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    "Lifestyle empowerment for Women, ages 18 and over, with acne-prone skin by discussing a holistic approach to healing acne and its psychological affects." --BB
  1. Ariventa, I didn't say don't eat an avocado, I stated that the over consumption may cause an adverse reaction. In addition, the over compumtion of one omega compared to the others, for example, will throw the ratios "out of whack." Especially if your consumping the same omegas or more of one than the others. Again, as an example, there are great herbs for overall health and well-being but if you overconsume them, they can cause kidney, liver, lung, etc damage. Therefore, the worrying needs
  2. I used to subscibe to the "myth" that food DOES NOT affect your acne, that is until I changed my diet. In addition, throughout those days of me accepting the myth, they were also pharma supporters. (correlation and causality) Yes, there are people that eat like crap but don't have acne, however, they have "problems" in other ways. High blood pressure, candida, diabietes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hair falling out, bad eyesight, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Like another bright person stated,
  3. Oh yeah! I agree with everyone and found some responses quite funny! "its not that powerful..lol!" But you also need to realize that the foods you eat affect your mind and emotions! So, if your eating a burger/food drenched in good ole hormones, then what do you think the affect will be on your body, mind, and emotions? If a company is using hormones to stimulant quick growth of their chickens, what affect do you think it will have on your internal functionality? Or when you microwave your
  4. Don't know if you are but one of the easiest ways is to stop using any type of moisturzier at night! Just cleanse your face, tone it, and go to bed. Here is the thing. Moisturizer not only moistens our face but it also acts as a protective barrier against daily polluants. At night, your body detoxifies itself from about 8:30pm - 2:30am. If you have a layer (moisturizer) on your face then how can it detox?! How can the body's and skin natural (detox) process take over?! If you want the
  5. So what I wanna know is if it would be better to exercise, at least jogging, every day of the week to help red marks and scars heal?
  6. I looooove Green Vibrance! Posted it before but for you will do a redo..lol! My mornings are super crazy..I have a nine-year old..so here is my Green vibrance smoothie recp. one scoop GV Two splats of vanilla kefir One ripe banana (instead of throwing it away One splat of purified/room temp water Blend for a banana (and GV) smoothie! If I know that I will be away from food for a while, I will throw in a some flax! It keeps me feeling full for hours!!! Hope this helps, BB
  7. Well, I know that if/when you are stressed one of the many key nutrients your body loses is B-vitamins. This contributes to anemia or iron deficiency! You can get your Bs in a number of ways Black strap molasses Bee Pollen Green Formula (my fav is Green Vibrance from Vibrant Health) B-complex from Mega Foods (they produce whole food vitamins) From my trainings, its better to take your Bs together in a complex. Hope this Helps, BB