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  1. Anyone used Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating wash, I got some from my local Tesco's, noticed on the back that it contain Sodium laureth sulfate. Isn't that an ingedient that people say can help to clog pores and cause more acne? Thanks for the help.
  2. Yeah warm water is probably best.
  3. I dunno, I use about four products in the morning, due to proactive having so many steps. I have to do a exfoliation wash every morning, then I do another wash with another wash product, then I tone or depending on the day i'll do the refinning mask first. Then comes the repairing day lotiong. Then I have to apply an oil controling product because my skin gets very shiny. Then comes the moustiriser which is a green tea one. Then a concealer to cover red marks until they heal. Same at night exc
  4. Tried ice? If not then after you ice, pat dry and apply some kind of topical solution on, an example would be dabbing a green tea bag over your skin where you applied ice. This helps with inflamed acne.
  5. Never really had anyone say names to me, just looks and laughter, that was at school, this one girl would always say ewwwww. I just used to take it to be honest, just say I might have shit on my face, but that'll be gone some day, shame you'll be an asshole though. I mean it hurts to get called stuff but that's life.
  6. Could be either to be honest, could be pushing all the rubbish out of your pores, or it could just be delayed white heads, give it a few days and see if it clears up.
  7. Tried icing your skin at all? Also if you want to help with the excess oil, you can buy a product made by the people who produce the Proactive products called Daily oil control, you'll find it on Ebay.
  8. Usually I find if i'm getting little red marks, my face is irritating at the time so I guess that it is becomming inflamed, I take an Ice cube, wet it (because ice sticks), then gently rub it over the area untill it melts, then pat dry.
  9. Depends on the person, I used it for ages, probably helped me. You also have to give it a while and it does say that acne will probably get worse before it gets better when using Retina-A.
  10. Some say the pill helps, I wouldn't know because i'm a male. But if you have hormonal acne, give it a try. Also some herbal tea's are supposed to help (Peppermint, green tea). There is also a supplement which is supposed to help with hormonal acne, it is called Dim, google Dim Active.
  11. Seekirus


    This is me.
  12. Most of the times I would recommend using just water. If you can find a non-harsh, non-soap cleanser that won't dry you out but will wash away excess dirt or oil that can accumulate sometimes during activity or whatever, than use it in a small amount during the morning and at night. But 9/10 just plain water is the best thing.
  13. Have you tried Dim? This is supposed to help with Hormone type Acne, google Dim Active.
  14. Well 6 days a week as you probably know is what you do if you mainly want to become bigger, I take it you want to be bigger as you said intense sessions. I've never done 6 days a week of weights and so i've never noticed my acne get worse when doing weights, I do three weights sessions a week. Which take around 20 minutes to do depending on how much energy I have. I'll train 7 days a week usually but not weights, i'll run everyday, so inbetween those days off weights that I don't do, i'll still