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  1. I've been on differin 4 months, NO PIMPLES. I had Mild acne, but right now its all red marks. Although i think differin is working on the redmarks aswell! Keep at it who ever is using it, i saw improvements my first week!
  2. Wonders. I had mild acne it cleared it up like an atomic bomb, i saw results in 1 DAY. I've been on it for 4 Months and counting. Im 100% pimple free but i have red marks left from it. (Hopefully it will fade soon)
  3. I had to return the favor, when i started my regimen i got help from people and i felt reassured. Im glad i could do the same for you and your son. Just tell him to NOT skip a night or day (i use my differin at night and same with mino). Tell him if he wants his skin to clear he HAS to do it. Oh and another thing that helped me. I use Acne wash from neutrogena its in an orange bottle. I used that for 3 and half months but now i use Cetaphil anti bacterial soap bar and it leaves my skin SO SOF
  4. Uhh, yeah im on differin. Differin and minocyline has helped me loads! like my face is 100% pimple free but i have the red marks. Minocyline does work. I love it.
  5. Woah? being tired? idk but i've been on minocyline for 4 Months and i don't get tired. The only side affect i had was Dry mouth in the morning but thats about it. Force him to sleep early? coming from me i don't think its the pill.
  6. a year? Fuck, i was thinking 4 months max.... That sucks, but thanks though. Good luck to you as well.
  7. Hey i've been on differin and minocylin for 4 months now, im glad to say im 100% pimple free but i have those stupid red marks and i was wondering if differin and minocylin will help with them or what i can buy to use to make them clear up... heres a pictar... http://img521.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pedao5.jpg
  8. I've been on differin for 3 months now, its been working great. But i myself try to stay out of the sun but if i have to be in the sun i try to make it fast. because differin leaves your skin sensative to the sun. I do have a sun block that i use but im not at my house so idk whats its called but its for faces and it works well. When i go home ill tell you what its called. anywho i would/i do stay out of the sun.
  9. Hey sunny, I've been using differin for about 3 months now, and i think its going great! Good for you that you don't have redness left after acne, i do. That sucks. But for me i just use it and i have no zits or pimples or anything, just red marks. Red marks suck tbh. Haha just hang in there, it will get better.
  10. Things are going great, i just need to find out something that will take off the redness with out making me break out any ideas? plus i don't want to buy something and my derma will be like no don't use that or something
  11. im using glycolic acid with differin and the antibotic, my doctor said it was okay. Now im just wondering