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  1. I washed my face normally and then put on the moisturizer right after because it makes my face less shiny (also, i was having a friend over and didn't have time to use the treatment)... Now my friend left and i have a question: am i more beneficial washing my face over, putting the treatment on, and putting the moisturizer on or should i just put the treatment over my moisturizer right now?? (The treatment over the moisturizer will NOT make my face itchy / red / peal.)
  2. this is a good question that depends on who you are. i am well into the regime so i use 2 full pumps of BP and i shave once a day with cleanser (3 pumps), and i use half a pump of moisturizer. i believe the best thing to do is just keep ordering all three every time.
  3. coop1


    milk used to make me break out as well until i began dan's regime. i use 2 full pumps everyday and i just wait a half an hour for it to be in fully (i no it feels really thick.) just use two all the time and i'm sure you can eat junk as much as you want.
  4. There is no doubt in my mind that dan's cleanser, BP, and moisturizer is the best in the world; it works great and ive been on the regime for three months. The problem is how expensive it is for me. The products themselves are fine but i pay 30 dollars for delivery and the border makes me pay an additional 40. For the price, Dan's BP is amazing, so i want to stick with it but i am thinking of buying a cleanser and moisturizer from the store to save money. My question is which products should i u
  5. i had the most oily skin you could imagine and i thought the same thing. i began using two pumps right away and thought nothing would happen. after a week your skin will begin drying out forsure. i advise putting it on (it cant hurt) and it will help you in the end.
  6. I recently ran out of dans bp and i wont be getting anymore until next week. In the mean time i don't want to stop using BP, so i went to shoppers and i looked for a very long time only to find nothing. i looked for neutrogina on the spot and it wasnt there (maybe because of where i live?) i bought spectro acne care 2.5% solution becuase it seems okay and it was the only product i knew of that had 2.5%? will this make my acne worse or do you think its the same as 'dans bp' and 'on the spot'...
  7. thanks a lot! good idea to have a sub lmao the bottles are heavier than the cream and i had no idea i was running out
  8. i am running out of bp and my next order wont come in for 5 days... my breakout is begging and i use the bp i have left once a day.. should i buy neutrogina on the spot in the time being? thanks!
  9. i did the regime like usual but then quicky decided to work out.. my face is all swaty now and i dont no whether i should just wipe off the sweat and thats it, or just shower and re do the regime.. any ideas?
  10. my skin will peal after i swim at the beach and i cant moisturize every second i go in the water its stupid... if i buy jojoba oil and put it on in the morn with my moisturize and bp like usual, will i stay peel-free the whole day?
  11. what is your answer to pimple popping? i simply cannot go out with huge white pimples, ready to burst... will popping them (even after cleaning hands and face) truly effect it? thanks
  12. i am going to the beach tomorrow and i dont no what to do... do i just do what i always do in the morning with dkr? after swimming and stuff i am positive i will begin to peel and be very dry? should i wear sunscreen or jojoba oil??? btw my skin is already tanned and it will not burn so if i can avoid sunscreen i would prefer that ...
  13. after a month and a half and a bit my face still is ALWAYS flaky even after moisturizing. when i use too much moisturizer i begin to get clumps of green all over my face. my face is red and i have more acne than before. morning: all 3 of dans products (usually rush when i put it on my face) night: all 3 of dans products
  14. i sound cliche but this regimen isnt working... i have light acne to begin with and yet i still am getting pimples after being on it for a month.. i thought since i have not a lot of acne this would work great but i still get 3 new white pimples everyday. is it because i pop them? i make sure to wash my hands and face whenever i pop them. i just cant walk around with a huge white pimple on my face its impossible. any advice on why it isnt working? also, any advice on the flakiness?
  15. wow that looks great so far! from what i keep hearing though, you may break out very soon. If this happens don't give up! apparently id you just keep going for as long as it takes eventually, since your face pretty much always has BP on it, you actually loose acne!