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  1. Asians eat alot of spicy food, and they don't really have alot of acne. They do have some, but its not any more than USA. There's no connection between spicy food and acne. But.. of course if your a flying retard, and you eat way too much spice than you can handle, then it can have some effect. But here's what your forgetting, if you take too much off anything, its going to affect something. If even a small teaspoon of spicey food makes you sweaty and itchy, then stop taking it, pain is there
  2. Our generation is having a postponed date for growing out. Maybe so much that its after our death. /thread.
  3. They have a saying, little miscreants who can't get along with their parents even after their teenage years will have a high high chance of divorce.
  4. a needle in every pore what a long bore the cost is gonna make ya poor so you'll have no choice but to be a whore ho ho ho, you became a ho what are ya gonna dooo nowww.. hooooo ho. a needler in every pore is not gonna help you get more out of your pathetic life or a future wife its all over ya whore shoulda kept those glands now your skins shy like you legs without pants.. damn time ta stop. I'd like to give a r.i.p. in advance to your glands 14 mo to go ya ho. edit: sorry didnt mean to dis
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YhCojBvd-s Listen to it. Now. Because I made it myself.
  6. exactly, what an idiotic reply. All talk but can't back anything up. you know thats funny because I have a religion of my own and its similar to yours but far far better, wanna know what it is? Yea I take the good parts from all religions and the scientific knowledge that religion doesn't explain, stuff like hydrogen and oxygen make water, and that rain is not gods tears and that the lightning arent god's ways to punishing people since its highly unlikely to hit people... lol I dont think
  7. LOL! You haven't read Metaphysics because that thing is long like the Bible. Nice try. And 11 Dimensions is 3 hrs long LOL. you dont have to believe me, I've read it and I know all, now prove it to me. break religion down piece by piece and explain it. what you dont know? you were joking?
  8. lol nacro, sucks for you, nobody likes you here.. retard lololol.
  9. IF YOUR EXISTING ACNE, EMERGING ACNE IS CAUSING IRRITATION/ITCHING: I highly recommend just applying some ice, how much ice? say you have one pimple that hurts, apply one whole ice cube covered with 1 layer of tissue paper, but many layers of tissue paper on the side where you have to hold it so your fingers dont assist in melting the cube. The best thing about this is if you get lucky and catch a pimple at a very very early stage, applying ice can make it not even form into one. If the spot m
  10. The truth about lasers - they're just a piece of shlight.
  11. what will be interesting is to see you slowly come off accutane after the surgery and still retain normal clear skin. Lol, tell those awesome Koreans to come to the east side as well. Lmao. Im guessing its going to be pretty expensive.. I say 2000 for the whole face.