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  1. Straight of the bat sorry for the mentally disturbing pictures. I am 19 years old and I will move to Toronto,Canada in late September and am looking to find a derm for my scarring. Also these severe scars are on my forehead and I wanted to ask if they would ever get fine or not because I have already grown tired of covering my forehead with my hair. Please recommend treatments that would work on my scarring in this particular area and good derms I can take these treatments from in Toronto, Canad
  2. Hey there. Developed cystic acne around 7 months and now I’m left with really deep boxcar and icepick scars on forehead, which ,as per my research, would require subcision + fillers and all types of laser. I would really be grateful if you guys could recommend a dermatologist/skin clinic (in TORONTO, CANADA)who offers all these treatments and would give me good advice on how to tackle my scars. Thanks a lot!