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  1. when i separate carbs and fats completely i have no acne. this is how i have been dealing with my acne and it is working better than anything i have ever tried. i keep my fat intake extremely low while eating carbs.(no meat) but then later that day i will have high fat meals with no carbs. i think this diet works because our insulin isn't constantly being released.
  2. i feel the same way. it's like people feel the need to fight to the death for their beliefs in an attempt to reassure themselves that what they are doing is working. they are so high strung that the act of fighting for it is probably causing them more stress and acne than they would get otherwise.
  3. i really do believe sugar and fat and the way they interact is the main culprit behind acne. when you look at past civilizations that were acne free, they either consumed a high fat/low carb diet such as the eskimos. or on the other hand they consumed a high carb/low fat diet consisting of tubers and root vegetables with little to no fat.
  4. i have definitely noticed the same thing but i believe your theory may be a little flawed. many people have become clear from eating a low carb/high fat diet aswell as a low fat/high carb. maybe combining fats and carbs is what causes acne. have you tried seperating your high fat and high carb meals and noticed any results? this is what i am currently trying because i believe the combination of the two is the problem. i don't know much science behind it but it may be due to insulin and fat level
  5. get over yourself. it certainly is easy to talk yourself up on the internet. hell, it's easy to do it in real life. learn some modesty. oh and btw your writing wouldn't stand out in a fifth grade english class. no shit you didn't copy and paste it. your analogy to your "supreme vitamin" piss is nothing but laughable. i know this doesn't contribute to anyone's understanding of milk but someone needs to bring this kid down from his insanely high pedestal.
  6. yea i think the emodin is what is stopping your acne. i don't think what you're doing is very healthy because you are probably not digesting your food properly. i think you would get the same effect from taking a laxative daily. also, emodin has been known to cause tendon problems. if you check out the imminst forums, there are many reports of this.
  7. shouldn't you be asking your nutritionist
  8. those are not the ingredients. they are just comparing the nutritional value with other foods.
  9. i pinch my penis every time the thought comes across my mind... then again i do enjoy getting a little rough so sometimes it turns into a full on masturbatory session right infront of the candy. no one wants to eat candy with cum on it.
  10. eating small portions throughout the day is a good idea but eating the same thing every day is not. your body needs a variety of foods to get all of the necessary nutrients. sleeping at the same time every day and eating the same thing every day have nothing to do with each other.
  11. eddie you need to read up on body building because you have some misconceptions that are going to hinder you a LOT. first off, you need complex carbs(like rice) to fuel your muscles. second, anything much over 1 hr at the gym is gonna be a waste. edit: it's also gonna years to gain enough muscle mass to make 200
  12. no human can fully digest any meat/dairy product that has been cooked or pasteurized because it alters the protein structure. infact, most cooked meat is a lot harder to digest than milk.(assuming you are not lactose intolerant)